‘Frightening’ moment cyclist almost hit by large van driving in Clapham cycle lane

Tom Powell

This is the “frightening” moment a cyclist was almost hit by a large van driving in a cycle lane on a busy road.

Lee Christensen, 41, was pedalling through Clapham along cycle superhighway CS7 when a Serco van suddenly pulled into his lane.

The huge vehicle can be seen drifting into the blue lane and completely blocking off his route as it attempts to pass a car on its outside.

Christensen, who filmed the incident from his helmet, spotted the van’s manoeuvre and just managed to break in time to avoid being hit.

Near-miss: the van can be seen cutting into the blue cycle lane (Lee Christensen)

The IT worker, who cycles along CS7 daily on his commute to work in central London, described the near-miss as “frightening” and “unsettling”.

He told the Standard: “I heard it coming and turned to see and suddenly it was next to me.

“I didn’t expect something that big to be coming so close in the cycle lane. It was just a matter of getting out the way as much as I could.”

He added: “I’ve been cycling for eight years and that’s the closest I’ve ever come to getting hit.”

The incident took place on Clapham Road between Stockwell and Clapham North on Thursday evening.

A Serco spokesman said: "We are really sorry about this. Serco expects the highest standards from all its drivers and any allegation of poor driving will be fully investigated."