'Frozen iguanas are falling from trees'

'Frozen iguanas are falling from trees' <i>(Image: Archant)</i>
'Frozen iguanas are falling from trees' (Image: Archant)

AS QUESTIONS are asked at Westminster about the costs of climate damage it’s obvious that a much better programme to protect our well-being and livelihoods is overdue.

Climate chaos affecting the meandering jet stream is now affecting North America and Canada with widespread death and destruction.

Frozen iguanas are falling from trees.

Robert Readman (23rd December) echoes the grief of Star Trek’s William Shatner, whose voyage to space brought home to him the vandalism of our species on the only planet known to be habitable (at the moment).

It would be very helpful if our leaders were to broadcast and publish a mighty public information programme as they did for Covid.

Carbon cyclone bombs are set to accelerate as overheating continues.

Decarbonisation at speed and scale would help.

We should prepare.

SUSAN CHAPMAN Parkwood Road, Southbourne