Frozen in time: Photographer gets up close and personal with icebergs and glaciers

Spectacular: Photographer Tim Vollmer said 'no two icebergs are the same' (Caters)

They are the spectacular phenomenon which loom large in some of the Earth's least hospitable areas.

Now the majestic beauty of Iceland's biggest icebergs and glaciers has been captured by a brave photographer, who spent months taking these remarkable images.

The stunning series of shots show the variety in shape, size, and colour of the glistening ice on the European island country.

Tim Vollmer, 41, and partner Marketa Kalvachova, 32, spend months every year travelling to and braving freezing temperatures to shoot the amazing sights of Iceland.

And due to the ever-changing appearance of the ice they insist they never get bored - because they will never come across the same iceberg more than once.

Photographer Tim, from Germany, who organises workshops to the region said: "Marketa and I moved to Iceland in 2005 and we instantly fell in love with the snow and ice.

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"We became fascinated by the textures and tones. Every day we go out to shoot pictures the light, formation, shape and colours are completely different.

"The lifecycle of the landscape creates unbelievable sights. All these images were taken over the last couple of months but if I went back now they would look different.

"It's an adventure everytime because there is always something new to photograph.

"Some of the colours are so spectacular I don't think you could see them anywhere else in the world.

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"We first started taking images to capture the place we were in for the memories but now we want to highlight the beauty of the ice and show others what makes them exciting.

"More and more we find ourselves going out to take photos - it's a special area for us."