Frustrated Dog Tries to Fit Plank Through Porch Doors

A dog in Penetanguishene, Ontario, came up with a clever way to fit a plank of wood he’d just retrieved through his owner’s porch doors.

This video, posted by Susanne Westwood on TikTok, shows her weimaraner Wally on a mission to bring a plank of wood inside her house. He pushes the plank around, bites and scratches it, before picking it up with his mouth and trying to fit it horizontally through the porch doors.

When the plank did not fit, Wally voiced his frustration by howling. He then took a step through the doorway himself, as if to measure how wide it was, before picking the plank up vertically and bringing it inside.

“It was hilarious and astonishing to watch Wally process how to maneuver the plank through the door,” Westwood said. Credit: Susanne Westwood via Storyful

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