Fuchsia hanging baskets stay 'blooming all summer long' with 3 easy steps

Fuchsias in hanging basket
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Hanging baskets are a common sight in English gardens during the summer, but it's not uncommon for gardeners to notice their blooms wilting and drying out. Fuchsias, a popular choice for hanging baskets, can unfortunately perish before the end of the summer season without proper care.

Jim and Mary Competti, who have over two decades of hands-on farming experience, have gained extensive knowledge about plant care, which they share on their website, This is My Garden.

The pair have outlined three crucial tips to "keep your fuchsia plants in your hanging baskets and containers blooming strong all summer long".

On their website, the couple noted: "When in full bloom, the plant almost appears as though it is exploding in a bevvy of fireworks cascading down from its foliage above... But if there is one drawback to growing fuchsia, it's that many gardeners find them hard to manage by mid-summer."

"Without proper care, fuchsia baskets and pots that were once completely covered in blooms in the early spring can often become wiry and weak by July or August.", reports the Express.

To reach their full potential, Fuchsias typically require three things. Firstly, you need to ensure you've chosen the right location for your hanging basket.

Secondly, getting the soil and water balance correct is vital. Lastly, giving the plants a much-needed boost with fertiliser can make all the difference.

The best location for fuchsia hanging baskets.

Gardening experts from Gardening Know How have shared insights on the care of fuchsia plants, noting that "Fuchsias don't appreciate a lot of bright, hot sunlight and do best with morning sunlight and afternoon shade."

For those nurturing fuchsias in hanging baskets, it's crucial to protect them from the intense mid-day sun, particularly during the summer's heat. Jim and Mary advise, "It can dry the plants out quickly, and make it hard to absorb the nutrients it needs," highlighting the importance of proper positioning.

While avoiding overly sunny spots is key, placing fuchsias in excessive shade can also be detrimental. The ideal location offers ample morning sunlight with some afternoon shade, or vice versa.

In terms of hydration, fuchsias demand consistent watering to prevent drying out. Jim and Mary explain, "When a fuchsia plant dries out, both the leaves and roots begin to shrink and shrivel," which complicates moisture absorption.

However, gardeners should be careful not to waterlog the soil. Fortunately, fuchsias in hanging baskets are well-equipped to shed any surplus water.

Fuchsias in hanging baskets require more frequent watering than those planted in the ground or pots. A simple way to determine when to water is by checking the soil - if it feels dry, it's time to water your hanging basket until water drips from the bottom.

How to fertilise fuchsia hanging baskets.

To achieve the most impressive blooms, fertiliser can be incredibly beneficial. "The real key with fertilising fuchsia successfully is to power the plant low and slow," advised Jim and Mary.

"Too much fertiliser all at once can create excessive root and foliage growth all at the expense of more blooms."

They suggest using a diluted dose of liquid fertiliser every seven to 10 days, ensuring the plant absorbs the necessary nutrients for optimal blooming.