Fuel efficient flying makes private charter affordable

Could this new airliner design make private charter flying more affordable and also reduce carbon emissions?

This is Otto Aviation’s new airliner prototype.

The disruptor from California-based company has plans to revolutionize private aviation by making it as affordable as commercial air travel.

The plane is bullet-shaped in design, making for an aerodynamic, fast, and fuel efficient aircraft.

That means it’s greener too.

A full-scale Celera 500 prototype has completed more than 30 test flights.

Otto Aviation says the piston-engine-powered jet reduces carbon emissions by over 80% compared to similar business aircrafts, and by 40% compared to the latest commercial transport aircraft.

It can cover 18 to 25 miles per gallon, compared to the two to three miles per gallon expected of a similar sized jet.

Inside, the cabin can accommodate up to six adult passengers in six large first-class seats.

The company says the plane operates at the cost of $328 per hour.

That's six times less than a comparable jet aircraft, which costs about $2,100 per hour.

The company says Celera 500L's range allows it to fly between any two cities in the U.S. at costs comparable to commercial airline tickets.