FULL POST-MATCH REACTION: The view of Glenavon's Stephen McDonnell following success at Ballymena United

Glenavon manager Stephen McDonnell pictured at today's match at the Ballymena Showgrounds (Photo: Desmond LougheryPacemaker Press)
Glenavon manager Stephen McDonnell pictured at today's match at the Ballymena Showgrounds (Photo: Desmond LougheryPacemaker Press)


"If it wasn't for Sean's heroics in the first half we could have come in 4-0 up.

"I don't think it's through any fault of our own that we don't come in four up, you have to take your hat off sometimes to exquisite goalkeeping, and Sean certainly kept Ballymena in the game.

"I was quite pleased because chances come and go in football but the overall performance was extremely controlled.and measured, which left me extremely relaxed.

"I felt our players controlled the game for large parts.


"We're still trying to build the recipe of how we want the team to look.

"I'm a young coach but I've learnt from many experiences.

"I feel we are playing in a different way from my prior stint at Warrenpoint.

"We have variation in our game. People talk about us being totally expansive, but I would say totally controlled.

"I think Rory only played short once or twice today. You have to pick and choose the game, the moments, the opposition.

"Ballymena have two extremely athletic forwards in Ryan Waide and Isaac Westendorf.

"To take a chance and try and play out against their potential pressure might not make sense unless it's absolutely screaming to play out.

"It's about getting the players into a scenario where ultimately you give them enough pictures of the game that they then go and execute their decision as they see it.

"We can't control that on the sidelines.


"I think we're starting to see how we want the team to look.

"Players are carrying out their individual roles, and we are looking as a team.

"I think it's all starting to knit together ever so nicely.

"You have to pick holes in every team as we do every week. You have to try and expose the holes.

"I felt we did that quite well especially in the first half trying to get in between their midfield and defence.

"We felt we could expose them and I think we did. The amount of entries into the final third, crosses into the box and shots on goal was high for a half of football.

"It wasn't so much in the second half, but even at that we played a more counter-attacking style.

"We managed to get 1v1 duels with Peter Campbell, Conor McCloskey and Stephen Teggart when he came on.

"That was kind of everything we had planned for.

"We always respect the opposition in terms of their qualities, but overall I felt we could come here and win today and we've done that.


"The ref was happy, I was happy.

"The players on the field of play said you could see everything quite clearly.

"Obviously our viewpoint here on the side and up in the stands you don't get to see it as clearly.

"They were happy so we were glad it ran its course.

"The ref spoke to us before half time and said he was happy enough.

"When we came back out after the break he said it was still the case.