'Fumble!': Boyfriend Drops Ring During Surprise Proposal at Cowboys Stadium

A man who had for months planned to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal accidentally dropped the engagement ring into a water feature outside AT&T Stadium in Dallas as he got down on one knee.

Video captured by the groom-to-be’s father, Adrian Valdez, shows Niko Valdez frantically searching for the ring after trying to propose to his girlfriend, Christina Ristau, outside the Cowboys’ stadium.

“Approximately six months prior to the day, my son made plans to surprise his girlfriend and propose at AT&T Stadium when we went to the annual Cowboys Thanksgiving game,” Adrian Valdez told Storyful. “Cowboys stadium is a special place as we are all Cowboys fans. We recently learned she (Christina) was 10 weeks’ pregnant and got her to the stadium under the ruse of a taking photos of them with a onesie announcing the new addition to the family.”

Luckily, it turned out to be a fumble recovery, as the ring was found after a half-hour search, and Christina said yes. Credit: @AdrianValdez24 via Storyful

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