Fun times hatch at Danville Primary School

Mar. 26—DANVILLE — For 21 days, students at Danville Primary School patiently awaited the hatching of chicks after an incubator and eggs were placed in a hallway of the school.

Students returned to school Monday excited to see three chicks exploring their enclosure having hatched over the weekend just in time to celebrate the Easter holiday.

Primary School Principal Megan Geise said hatching the chicks was a team effort.

"At the beginning of March, Danville High School agriculture teacher Van Wagner brought students to DPS to help us set up our incubator," Geise said.

Students at the primary school enjoyed checking on the chicks everyday, according to their principal.

"Students were able to look at the eggs everyday on their way to the cafeteria," Geise said. "Our table that held the incubator was a popular spot in the morning. Students crowded around it to see if they could hear peeping or movement."

First-grader Sadie Walters said she had been visiting the eggs every day after school anxiously awaiting the arrival of the chicks.

On Monday morning, the hallway was packed with kids excited to see the small creatures, according to second-grader Themie Appleman. "I came down right away," she said.

When asked what he though about the chicks, kindergartener Stanley Rubenstein gave two thumbs-up.

Rubenstein said the brown and tiny yellow chicks were his favorites.

Appleman said she was confused when she saw primary school Principal Megan Geise putting the eggs in the hallway around three weeks ago.

"I was like 'what's happening here?'" she said.

During the three weeks the eggs sat in the hallway at the primary school, Walters said she sang to them. "Sometimes, I could see the shell start moving," she said.

The still unhatched eggs were surrounded by books and educational materials about chickens. The three students agreed their favorite book was "Interrupting Chicken" by David Ezra Stein.

Rubenstein said his class drew picture of chicks. He pointed out his work of art on the wall behind the eggs. The kindergartener's chick was decorated with polka dots.

It seemed Walters, Appleman and Rubenstien could've spent the entire day sitting on the hallway floor watching the chicks. Rubenstien was especially excited to see them walk around and even lift their wings.

Walters said the primary school students are excited that Geise has agreed to hatch ducklings next. Geise said the school plans to hatch ducklings following spring break.