Funny footage shows Henry the Hoover testing out the ramps at a skate park and a fairground

Comical videos showing the adventures of a Henry the Hoover are proving an online hit - including him testing out ramps at a skatepark and enjoying the rides at a fairground.

Bosses at a family-run firm which manufacture parts for the iconic vacuum cleaner have been posting the hilarious footage on social media.

One clip shows Henry pulling off multiple tricks on the ramps at a skatepark where he executes a backslide 50-50, and he even came close to landing a double 360 flip.

In the video, Henry can be seen smiling as he shoots down the skateboard ramps at full speed at Asylum Skatepark, in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts.

Other footage show him enjoying a bumpy ride on a fairground slide, holding onto his hoover parts on a rollercoaster and winning a prize on hook-a-duck.

Jonny Marsh, the owner of Henry Bags, said the videos started as a bit of light hearted fun last month before they began racking up thousands of views.

The 39-year-old, said: “Filming the funfair video was out there because you had everyone watching me as Henry went down the slide and on all the rides.

“I’m sure they all thought I had gone mad.

“We took Henry to the indoor skatepark to film some content.

“When I arrived, I don’t think they fully understood what I was wanting to do, but after 10 minutes they realised Henry was going to perform tricks.

“He had quite a lot of accidents on the outtakes.

“His face came off at one point and he ended up on the floor many times.

“He performed a backwards flip into the foam pit, and we had him skating along on the rails.

“The flip was the big trick and we’ve managed to film and edit it to make him look like he was doing it.

“Henry had a good time and he had a smile on his face the whole time.

Jonny says the clips have been a big success and he now has “big plans” for future "hoover content".