Funny video shows toddler covering the living room with talc

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This funny footage shows a toddler who trashed a front room with talc - while watching 'You've Been Framed'. 

Two-year-old Archie Trice-Wooden was caught red-handed when grandmother Tina Wells walked in on him as he coated the floor in talcum powder.

The video, filmed on Saturday (13) shows the moment Tina, 51, walked into the living room - and was shocked to see cheeky Archie had got hold of the talcum powder bottle.

During the footage you can ever hear Harry Hill on TV - presenting You've Been Framed.

The cheeky tot can be seen spreading talcum powder all over the living room in Tina's house in Leytonstone, Essex - and seemed completely unashamed when she questioned what he was doing.

Archie's mum, Leigh Haley, 33 had briefly popped out the room with Tina when the toddler took his opportunity to make a mess.

Tina described how, when her and full-time mum Leigh came back, they both broke into fits of laughter, and Tina whipped out her phone to film the unusual scene.

Tina said: "The first thing I said was 'Oh my gosh, we've had a snowstorm with talc!

"We were both giggling despite the mess.

"Archie wasn't ashamed or anything - in fact, he looked rather pleased with himself.

"We've already decided when he turns 18, we're getting that image printed on his birthday cake!"