Furious Chinese woman owed money by her son-in-law winches his car onto her ROOF

This furious Chinese mother settled a family money dispute in bizarre style - by winching her son's car onto the ROOF.

Wang Qin said her son-in-law had borrowed nearly half a million Yuan to invest in his business, but hasn't paid her back.

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The angry relative held onto his Audi as collateral, but when he started avoiding her, she took drastic action by hauling his vehicle onto her roof terrace.

Wang said she made the dramatic move when her son-in-law ducked all her requests to hand the money back.

The final straw came when he secretly tried to retrieve his car, forcing Wang to go to extreme lengths by getting a crane to life the car onto the first floor terrace.

It's unknown whether the man has got his car back yet, but one thing is certain - he's one man who wished he hadn't annoyed his mother-in-law.

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