Furious Lover Spray Paints ‘Cheater’ On Partner’s Range Rover Outside Harrods

A scorned lover took their revenge very publicly after spraying ‘cheater’ in bright red paint all over their partner’s expensive Range Rover.

The £90,000 car, that was parked outside Harrods in posh Knightsbridge, London, was completely covered in paint, with ‘hope she was worth it’ painted over the back window.

Along both sides of the 16 plate Range Rover Vogue, the word ‘cheater’ was painted in foot-high bright red letters, with 'it’s over’ added over the driver’s side front wheel.

Love rat: The Range Rover was covered in furious graffiti (SWNS)

Posh: The vehicle was parked outside Harrods (SWNS)

And 'hope she was worth it’ was also sprayed on the bonnet.

The suspected love cheat will no doubt have more than a parking ticket on their minds when they return to their brand new motor, that was parked on a single yellow line.

Fazaan Mughal, from Mayfair, west London, spotted the barmy car, which he thinks is the work of a spurned ex-girlfriend.

Embarrassment: The spurned lover took their revenge very publicly (SWNS)

He said: “It must have been a crazed ex-girlfriend.

"People were crowding the car and taking photos.

"The car is worth £90,000 - she must have been pretty annoyed.

"To be honest I just found it funny. Loads of people were laughing.”

Everyone except the owner, no doubt…

Top pic: SWNS

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