Fury over mountains of of litter left by Bank Holiday drinkers on British beauty spot

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

A British beauty spot has been left covered in mountains of rubbish abandoned after a booze-fuelled barbecue over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Shocking footage show a large area near Cadover Bridge in Dartmoor littered with waste, with more rubbish thrown into the water nearby.

Alisha Lawry, 21, was enjoying the heatwave on Sunday when she and her friends came across the unsightly mess.

The friends decided to clear up the litter – including dirty nappies – and spent over an hour picking it all up with their bare hands, filling eight carrier bags.

Mountains of rubbish was left at Cadover Bridge in Dartmoor (SWNS)

Litter bins were full in Queen’s Park after sun-worshippers picnicked on the grass (SWNS)

Alisha, from Plymouth, said: ‘They should be ashamed of themselves, it was disgusting.

‘Picking up their child’s dirty nappies with our bare hands. It was horrible.’

Alisha said there were no bins in the area but that the group of about 10 to 15 people should have taken their rubbish home with them.

She added: ‘They left at about 7pm. We could see them from across where we were sat, and as we were packing up we could just see rubbish everywhere.


‘Nappies, plastic plates, food – even unopened packs of food – beer cans and bottles scattered all over the place. They even chucked their rubbish into the water.

‘My friends and I couldn’t leave the place like that, so we walked over and cleared up as much of it as we possibly could.

‘We took it all home with us and used what we could to bag it up.’

A family who were out enjoying a barbecue at Cadover Bridge yesterday have denied they were responsible.

Alisha’s description of a man ‘of stocky build, with tribal tattoos and short greyish hair’ matched a member of this family.

Alisha Lawry and her friends cleared up the mess that was left by a group of Bank Holiday drinkers (SWNS)

Kaiya Ellis, from Ugborough, Devon, has come forward to say that she is upset that her husband is being blamed for the rubbish at the Dartmoor beauty spot.

She said seeing Alisha’s photos of the state of the site made her feel ‘physically sick’.

Kaiya, who was at the site with her husband, their seven-year-old son, and her parents, said: ‘I just feel really bad for my partner. Someone has described him.

‘We were there yesterday, but we did not leave that mess. We left at 4pm and took everything with us.’

Queen’s Park in London was also littered with rubbish after the Bank Holiday heatwave (SWNS)
Bags of rubbish were left after people descended on the London park for the holiday weekend (SWNS)

She added: ‘It’s so disgusting. We managed to clear up our rubbish – if you can bring it all, you can take it away with you.’

Kaiya described seeing another group arriving just as her and her family were leaving on Sunday, taking their spot by the river.

She added that the men were in their 30s and 40s and that the women were a variety of ages, and had prams with them.

Kaiya said her family brought all their own belongings, including reusable plates, cutlery and barbecue – unlike the plastic plates and disposable barbecues which were left at the spot.