Fury vs Wilder 3 LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream and reaction as Fury retains WBC heavyweight title with KO

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Fury vs Wilder 3 LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream and reaction as Fury retains WBC heavyweight title with KO
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Fury vs Wilder 3 - LIVE!

Tyson Fury remains the WBC, Ring and Lineal heavyweight champion of the world after a pulsating victory over Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

There were five knockdowns in an instant heavyweight classic at the T-Mobile Arena that brings to an end a memorable trilogy, with Wilder going down first in round three before bouncing back to deliver two of his own in round four.

But Fury would not be denied and took control of a thrilling encounter thereafter, with Wilder showing great heart and courage as he withstood more serious punishment including another knockdown in the 10th before finally being stopped with a heavy right hand in the 11th.

There was plenty of entertaining action on tonight’s undercard, with Frank Sanchez dominating Efe Ajagba in a battle of two unbeaten heavyweights, while Robert Helenius followed up his shock win over Adam Kownacki with a one-sided beatdown in the rematch and Jared ‘Big Baby’ Anderson stopped Russia’s Vladimir Tereshkin in round two.

Boxing schedule and results

Tyson Fury bt Deontay Wilder

Frank Sanchez bt Efe Ajagba

Robert Helenius bt Adam Kownacki

Jared Anderson bt Vladimir Tereshkin

Edgar Berlanga bt Marcelo Esteban Coceres

Vladimir Hernandez bt Julian Williams

Follow Fury vs Wilder 3 reaction with Standard Sport’s LIVE blog below!

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‘The story of the heavyweight division right now is pedigree’ - Lennox Lewis

Fury vs Wilder 3 latest news

  • Fury retains WBC title with 11th-round knockout

  • Five knockdowns in classic trilogy fight

  • Fury knocked down twice in fourth round but battles back

  • Sanchez dominates Ajagba in chief support act

  • Kownacki disqualified after Helenius beatdown

Wilder shares his views before taken to hospital

08:12 , Daniel Gallan

Deontay Wilder played his part in an instant classic but would ultimately end his night in hospital after Tyson Fury knocked him out in the 11th round.

Speaking after the fight, the Alabaman conceded that he was second best in the bout.

“I did my best, but it wasn’t good enough tonight,” he said. “I’m not sure what happened.

“I know that in training he did certain things, and I also knew that he didn’t come in at 277 pounds to be a ballet dancer.

“He came to lean on me, try to rough me up and he succeeded.”

Wilder has yet to post anything on his social media account and the full extent of the damage is yet to be confirmed.

From one British boxing legend to another

07:58 , Daniel Gallan

The Rock pays his respects

07:35 , Daniel Gallan

“Walking in Vegas”🎶🎵🎶

07:29 , Daniel Gallan

Hands like granite, a voice like velvet. What can’t this Gypsy King do?

“I don’t respect you"

07:13 , Daniel Gallan

According to Tyson Fury, these are the words Deontay Wilder told the Gypsy King after the fight:

“I went over to shake his hand and he said, ‘No, I don’t respect you.’ I said, ‘How can you say I cheated when you know in your own heart you got beat fair and square?’”

“Is this a sore loser in boxing or what? I’m sure he’s not the first one and I’m sure he won’t be the last one.”

06:50 , George Flood

Some suggestions that Wilder has gone to hospital for precautionary post-fight checks, which is hardly surprising given the amount of punishment he absorbed tonight.

So it might be a while before we hear his reaction.


06:42 , George Flood

Fury brands Wilder a ‘sore loser’ and ‘an idiot'

06:22 , George Flood

Here’s Fury reacting to that post-fight exchange...

“I just said well done and he said I don’t want to show any sportsmanship and respect. I said no problem.

“[I was ] very surprised. [He’s] a sore loser, an idiot.

“To be a top fighting man you’ve got to show guts and respect, and he couldn’t do it tonight. And that was it.”

06:11 , George Flood

Mr Murray poses an interesting question...

Tyson Fury reaction

06:09 , George Flood

“It was a great fight tonight, worthy of the best trilogies,” Fury said.

“I will not make any excuses, Wilder is a top fighter, he gave me a run for my money. I always say I am the best fighter in the world and he is the second best.

“Don’t ever doubt me. When the chips are down I can always deliver.”

06:02 , George Flood

06:01 , George Flood

The vastly experienced Frank Warren describes tonight’s main event as the best heavyweight fight he has ever seen.

He’s pushed on if we now will get Fury coming home for a big stadium fight in the UK, but says it’s too early to contemplate that.

“Let him enjoy this first,” Warren says.

05:59 , George Flood

Fury declares himself the best heavyweight of his generation, coming to the USA for his last six fights and facing whom he describes as the most dangerous puncher in boxing history.

He says: “You know the saying, you play with fire enough and you’ll eventually get burnt. A good job I’ve got balls like King Kong.”

05:57 , George Flood

Fury tells Steve Bunce on BT Sport that Wilder told him in that terse post-fight exchange that he didn’t want to offer any sportsmanship.

“An idiot,” Fury says.

05:52 , George Flood

05:51 , George Flood

Fury suggesting in his post-fight interview there that he offered an olive brance of peace to Wilder after that win, but it was rejected. He’s not too happy about it.

It wouldn’t be a big Fury win without a post-fight singalong now, would it?

Walking in Memphis - with the title lyric changed to Walking in Vegas - is belted out before chants of “Lancashire”.

Wonderwall by Oasis now playing in the background at T-Mobile Arena.

05:48 , George Flood

05:47 , George Flood

As Fury celebrates and prays after his victory, Wilder leaves the ring and heads straight backstage.

Fury quoting John Wayne in his post-fight interview...


05:39 , George Flood

Fury is doling out some serious punishment in the 11th and ANOTHER BIG RIGHT HAND SENDS WILDER TO THE CANVAS AGAIN!


Blood coming from the lips and ear of Wilder, who showed incredible courage and bravery but was soundly beaten again.

Fury vs Wilder

05:36 , George Flood

Wilder somehow absorbs more massive punches in the 10th and almost goes down again before somehow finding the energy to rain down a few decent blows on Fury before the bell!


Fury vs Wilder

05:35 , George Flood

More big shots from Fury early in the 10th, with Wilder rocked again but staying on his feet.

The infinitely busier, more effective Fury - dominating from long range and inside - flicks out another powerful right hand that snaps back Wilder’s head.


Fury going for the finish with Wilder exhausted and seemingly out on his feet. Is this the finish?!

Fury vs Wilder

05:32 , George Flood

A reminder of the power Wilder still possesses there as he does land a right towards the start of the ninth.

But Fury largely shakes it off and gets the jab working nicely again, with no defence at all from an exhausted Wilder.

Fury offers more punishment on the inside and ups the tempo as Wilder again desperately looks for that right hand under an onslaught of punches.

Fury cracks in his own right hand upstairs before the bell, but Wilder digs in a great right uppercut and finishes the round the more aggressive puncher!

He’s not lacking heart, that’s for sure.

Fury vs Wilder

05:29 , George Flood

Has Wilder got anything left in the tank here?

He’s comfortably behind now and doesn’t seem to have anything like enough energy to sustain any meaningful attacks.

He’s assessed by the ringside doctor at the start of the ninth as boos come from the crowd, but we will carry on.

Fury vs Wilder

05:28 , George Flood

Fury piles on the pressure at the start of the eighth and the big rights from Wilder have completely lost their snap for now.

Lovely work from Fury as he sets up another big shot in textbook style.

More great short shots have Wilder staggering back! He nearly goes down.

Wilder is just throwing shots aimlessly now as he continues to absorb heavy punishment.

The plan to carry this much weight looks to have backfired at this stage.

Wilder raises his hand at the end of the round but he looks out on his feet and it’s another in the bag from Fury.

Fury vs Wilder

05:25 , George Flood

SugarHill Steward very animated before the start of the eighth, bellowing at Fury to box and jab well to set up those big right hands.

Fury vs Wilder

05:24 , George Flood

Fury hurts an exhausted Wilder again at the start of the seventh, then attacking the body well and still sapping his energy before landing a nice left.

Fury then smashes in another big right hand, with Wilder rocked hugely again but somehow staying upright.

Now Wilder’s desperate right hands are bouncing off Fury... his power has deserted him for now as the tiredness takes hold.

Wilder makes it to the bell, but Fury has now taken a firm grip on this contest.

Fury vs Wilder

05:21 , George Flood

Wilder looks tired and the fresher Fury is leaning on him well at close range, sapping his energy further whenever he can.

Both men land heavy punches at almost the same time, with blood visible around the lips of Wilder.

Wilder - who is still launching that big right hand whenever he can, with so much desperation - goes down on one knee, but it’s not a knockdown.

Fury ends the round much the stronger, with a terrible right thrown by Wilder before the bell.

It’s a simple tactic from Wilder, with Fury reading it better now and getting back to boxing smartly and on the front foot.

But if one lands from the Bronze Bomber it could be all be over. We know that.

Fury vs Wilder

05:16 , George Flood

After some clinching, Wilder is looking for the huge knockout right hand at absolutely every opportunity, rattling Fury again near the corner!

But Fury comes back with a stinging counter as Wilder launches one from too far out again, then digging in a nice body shot.

Fury doing some good work up close in the clinches.

That’s a really, really close round.

Fury vs Wilder

05:14 , George Flood

A huge right hand from Fury at the start of fifth rocks Wilder and leaves him holding on!

Fury vs Wilder

05:13 , George Flood

This could go either way with both men clearly hurt.

There’s got to be a stoppage coming... but for who?!

Remarkable heavyweight drama.

Round five begins...

Fury vs Wilder

05:12 , George Flood

HUGE shots go in from both men but FURY IS DOWN AGAIN!

A second knockdown in the round from Wilder and the bell sounds.

This is incredible. Fury has NEVER been knocked down twice in a single round before.

Fury vs Wilder

05:11 , George Flood

Fury is in total control now, wanting the finish with some more heavy blows at the start of the fourth.

He still needs to be careful with that one-punch power from Wilder, but Fury is jabbing wonderfully and looking for that big right hand.




Fury vs Wilder

05:08 , George Flood

Wilder is in huge trouble as he is battered by Fury after the knockdown!

He just about makes it to the bell, but he’s out on his feet.

A massive round from Fury and he can surely finish this at the start of the fourth! Wow.

Fury vs Wilder

05:07 , George Flood

Wilder is trying to unload that big right from too far out again and he’s caught to the body before Fury also lands his left hand.

The referee trying to impose his authority here after some complaints from SugarHill Steward between rounds.

But it’s Fury who is given the sterner warning.

Wilder is gambling with those attempted big shots here and one gets through, but he’s taking a huge risk.

A big right hand lands from Fury, but Wilder just seems to be going for broke already with those big swinging right hands over the top.


Fury vs Wilder

05:04 , George Flood

Far more aggressive from Fury at the start of the second and he forces Wilder back with some good shots, but Wilder comes roaring back.

Great action early on here.

Fury sinks in a cracking right hook to the body and Wilder is told not to drag Fury around the neck.

Wilder is just short with another attempted big right that he launches from too far away.

Fury looks to use his superior weight up close, with Wilder landing a nice right hand but Fury repaying the compliment with one of his own.

Both men hold clinch extensively again and Wilder sneaks in a snapping right before the bell.

I think that’s Fury’s round, 1-1.

Fury vs Wilder

05:00 , George Flood

Wilder jabbing to the body with his left early, starting positively and looking to quickly set up that sledgehammer of a right hand over the top.

Wilder also throws a few rights to the body, but a quiet Fury stays cool and comes back with a clubbing right hand to the side of the head.

Wilder just lands short with a big right upstairs and Fury is forced back with some more good jabs to the body.

Wilder is boxing really well here from the off, Fury needs to adjust.

He tries a combination before the bell that is blocked, but Fury then smashes in a right hand that lands flush just before the bell!

Wilder’s round overall, but that was a great last-gasp shot from Fury.

Fury vs Wilder

04:57 , George Flood

A hugely intense stare from Fury before the fight as Wilder utters something to his opponent before they touch gloves.

A great reception for both fighters and WE ARE UNDERWAY!

04:54 , George Flood

I may very quickly regret saying this, but does Wilder look quite nervous here?

Like he knows exactly how much is weighing on this fight tonight.

Contrast that with Fury, who looks as loose and relaxed as ever.

It’s time for the Jimmy Lennon Jr intros! There are so many people in the ring.

Fury ring walk

04:50 , George Flood

No expense spared from Fury as usual with a big 300-inspired production featuring some dancers, horns and pre-fight narration saying how it’s time for the “dosser to face annihilation”.

A calm-looking Fury is dressed like a Roman Centurion as AC/DC’s ‘Shook Me All Night Long’ blares out at T-Mobile Arena.

He takes his time getting to the middle, with Frank Warren in close proximity.

Wilder ring walk

04:46 , George Flood

Here he is at long last!

Wilder with a dazzling red and white mask and robe, plus headband and big necklaces as he quickly makes his way to the ring, with a rapper badly lip-synching alongside him out the tunnel.

No elaborate walk or silly 40lbs costume this time. He looks focused and ready to go.

04:44 , George Flood

The US broadcast suggested the delay was due to some sort of issue with Wilder’s gloves.

He changed them yesterday after that initial dispute, remember.

But now the lights do go dark and Wilder is on his way!

04:41 , George Flood

More shadow boxing from Fury backstage and he then hits the pads with trainer SugarHill Steward.

Joseph Parker among his entourage in the locker room.

Still no sign of Wilder...

04:39 , George Flood

Wilder making Fury wait a long time here.

Still no sign of him!

Any danger, Deontay?

04:37 , George Flood

Just as I type that, Fury is shown dancing, shadow boxing and playing a bit of air guitar in his dressing room.

Nerves?! Pah!

04:36 , George Flood

The cameras in Wilder’s dressing room show the ‘Bronze Bomber’ engaging in what looked like one final prayer before a career-defining night.

You wonder if this delay will have any impact on Fury as the nervous energy no doubt builds.

This is beginning to feel like mind games at T-Mobile Arena.

04:34 , George Flood

According to the TV coverage, there’s been some sort of delay in the Wilder changing room, but he should be out any moment.

The cameras show Fury pacing around his own dressing room.

04:33 , George Flood

Stirring pre-fight videos are playing on the big jumbotron as the atmosphere continues to build at T-Mobile Arena.

The ring walks will start any minute now, with challenger Wilder heading out to the middle first.

National anthem time

04:27 , George Flood

Before what I’m sure will be some typically elaborate ring walks - although surely no ridiculous 40lbs costume from Wilder this time - it’s time for the singing of the national anthems.

‘God Save the Queen’ up first, followed by the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’.

Such a shame there are no travelling British fans in attendance tonight. What an atmosphere they would have brought!

Scott: Can Fury handle Wilder onslaught?

04:25 , George Flood

We’ve had the pre-fight prediction from Fury’s trainer SugarHill Steward, so what does Wilder’s new trainer Malik Scott foresee happening tonight?

"Is every mistake gone? Absolutely not, but we've prepared him enough to be very surgical and patient, and he can knock Fury out within five rounds, with the pace we've set him out,” he said.

“I believe Tyson Fury takes his opponents for granted between three and six rounds, and Deontay will make him pay. We'll see if Fury can handle this onslaught."

04:19 , George Flood

A reminder of the key quotes from yesterday’s heated weigh-in as we wait for the main event ring walks in Las Vegas.

Fury: “This will be total obliteration of a dosser. Total annihilation. I’m going to put him in the Royal Infirmary after this fight, don’t worry about that. I will send him home butchered.”

Wilder: “We have rejuvenated myself, reinvented myself, redemption is upon us and I can’t wait to show the world what I’m all about. I’m reintroducing myself to the world as Deontay Wilder.”

Fury-Wilder 3 NEXT

04:14 , George Flood

For those hardy UK souls that have been following the action all night, the wait for tonight’s massive main event is very nearly over.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 is NEXT at a packed-out T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

This should be great. ‘Sweet Caroline’ plays in the background, but sadly with no British fans in the house to sing along!

Sanchez gets wide points win over Ajagba

04:11 , George Flood

97-92, 98-91 x2 - all in favour of Sanchez.

That’s five rounds on one card and seven on the other two.

A dominant, dominant win from Frank Sanchez, who stays unbeaten and retains his WBC Continental Americas and WBO-NABO heavyweight titles.

Ajagba’s first pro defeat and a big blow to his ambitions of a quick surge into world title contention.

Sanchez vs Ajagba

04:07 , George Flood

There’s no all-out attack from Ajagba in the final round and Sanchez just coasts to the final bell, knowing he is comfortably ahead on the cards.

And so a disappointing chief support act draws to a close.

You’ve got to give credit to Sanchez, who is a wonderful technician.

We await the official scores... then it’s Fury-Wilder time!

Sanchez vs Ajagba

04:05 , George Flood

Into the 10th and final round we go.

A comfortable points win coming for Sanchez here, or can Ajagba take his corner’s advice and produce a last-gasp KO to avoid a first career loss?

Sanchez vs Ajagba

04:03 , George Flood

It’s still just too slow, ponderous and overly cautious from Ajagba, who does at least land a stiff straight right shortly before the bell in round number nine.

“You need a knockout,” he is told by his frustrated corner before the final round.

“You had a great camp. You’ve got to punch. Let your hands go.”

04:00 , George Flood

Former unified world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr is also in the house tonight, along with NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson.

As ever, a huge fight night in Las Vegas attracts some big names from around the world of sport and beyond.

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:59 , George Flood

A wonderful long left uppercut lands flush early in the eighth for Sanchez. What a shot!

Ajagba comes back with some thudding body blows, but Sanchez is so repeatedly dangerous on the counter.

Ajagba landing some better punches, but it seems like he can’t offload anything without getting at least partially tagged back.

He’s deflecting a lot of them, but it just creates the impression that he can’t get any of these attacks off cleanly.

Time running out.

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:55 , George Flood

Ajagba is told to get going by his corner before the start of the seventh.

He starts quicker, but the better shots come from Sanchez.

Ajagba sinks to his knees after a heavy right hand over the top and a vicious left hook lands when he’s on his way down! Was he already on his knee there?

It’s scored a knockdown for Sanchez, who is not given a warning.

Ajagba doesn’t have long to wait before the bell.

This fight suddenly bursts into life!

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:52 , George Flood

A really quiet sixth round with more impatience from the crowd, who were expecting much more from this bout.

Sanchez is caught with a jab and loses his footing while swinging with an attempted counter, but that’s obviously not a knockdown.

A bit of a snoozefest so far, I’m afraid.

03:51 , George Flood

There’s more entertaining action backstage, with Fury having a typical sing-song as he finishes having his hands wrapped in advance of the eagerly-anticipated main event.

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:47 , George Flood

Another quiet round as some boos start to become audible at T-Mobile Arena.

The flashiest shot is a snappy right counter from Sanchez not long before the bell.

He’s controlling this pretty easily as things stand in my mind, though you could make an argument for either fighter in some of these very close rounds.

Ajagba needs to step it up.

03:46 , George Flood

Some famous fighters being shown in the stands at T-Mobile Arena, including welterweight champion Terence Crawford and undefeated lightweight contender Ryan Garcia.

Crawford is due to defend his WBO belt against Shawn Porter in Las Vegas next month, while Garcia returns against WBC interim champion Joseph Diaz in Los Angeles a week later.

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:43 , George Flood

A nice left hand from the speedier Sanchez midway through the fourth.

Sanchez - boxing skilfully on the outside - then rips in a great left hook to counter Ajagba, who hasn’t really been able to get anything going in this round.

It’s a rather quiet one, but much the better work coming from Sanchez.

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:39 , George Flood

The more proactive Ajagba starts the third with more confidence and positivity as he gets busier behind the jab, but Sanchez then provides a reminder of his fast countering and ability to build such speedy combinations.

Ajagba using his jab to more successfully close the distance, with both fighters then landing on each other at almost the exact same time, with the more effective shot seemingly coming from Sanchez.

A better round in general from Ajagba, but he eats another solid jab before the bell.

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:35 , George Flood

This is great work from the technically-great Sanchez, who lives up to his ‘Cuban Flash’ nickname with some brilliantly fast attacks, snapping in the punches.

Ajagba uses his jab to try and get a foothold and lands towards the end of the second, but no chance to see his formidable power in full flow just yet.

Sanchez’s fight so far through two.

03:32 , George Flood

“You missed the knuckle dusters last time!” jokes Tyson Fury as Jay Deas watches the WBC champion having his hands wrapped backstage at T-Mobile Arena.

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:31 , George Flood

A rather tentative start to this bout as both fighters feel each other out, with the smart Sanchez - who is a fine technician - then displaying his speed inside before Ajagba lurches forward and tries to counter.

Ajagba goes to the body near the ropes and is caught upstairs by a lightning quick Sanchez counter.

A swing and a miss with the right from Sanchez towards the end of the first, but that was his opening round.

A couple of fine right hands over the top.

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:27 , George Flood

The chief support act of the night is underway!

Will we get fireworks between these two big heavyweight punchers?

Sanchez vs Ajagba

03:26 , George Flood

Indeed, Ajagba hopes to win tonight and then be just one fight away from a potential title shot.

But Sanchez is also very highly-rated, powerful and undefeated and many - including Canelo Alvarez - believe he is a world champion in the making.

Unfortunately fans were unable to see the best of him last time on the undercard of Canelo-Saunders against journeyman Nagy Aguilera, who went down in the sixth claiming a punch to the back of the head and said he couldn’t continue as he was booed out of the ring.

Ajagba: I punch harder than Tyson Fury

03:22 , George Flood

Ajagba has drawn praise from Fury of late after being invited to work with the WBC champion following his vicious knockout of Brian Howard in Tulsa back in April.

Ajagba certainly doesn’t lack confidence, believing he is a harder puncher than Fury as he targets a showdown with the self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’ in the future.

"It was an explosive knockout so they brought me in because they believed I had the same knockout power like Wilder," he told BBC Sport Africa.

"Tyson Fury can hit but doesn't come close to my power. I punch harder than Tyson Fury.

"The punches that he threw (during sparring), I could take them. (But) he's been in the game for years before he became world champion. He's fought the top guys.

"I can tell you that I've learned a lot from the champion; he's very awkward, he's a big guy, he has a long reach. I have a long reach too and I'm a heavy puncher but he has a lot of experience so I learned so much from him in camp."

Sanchez vs Ajagba next

03:18 , George Flood

Less than an hour to go now until we see Fury and Wilder in the ring! Hang in there, British fight fans.

Last up on the undercard is an exciting bout between Frank ‘The Cuban Flash’ Sanchez and fellow undefeated heavyweight Efe Ajagba of Nigeria.

This should be an explosive battle as two huge punchers go toe to toe, with Sanchez’s WBC Continental Americas and WBO-NABO titles on the line.

03:14 , George Flood

You’ve got to give it up to Helenius. An utterly one-sided, emphatic follow-up to his shock knockout of Kownacki last year.

‘The Nordic Nightmare’ - a two-time European champion - is right back in the heavyweight picture at the age of 37.

Kownacki disqualified

03:09 , George Flood

The fight is stopped in the sixth, but it’s not the corner pulling him out or the ref finally feeling he’s had enough.

But rather, the badly struggling Kownacki, who already had a point deducted for two low blows, throws in another and is promptly disqualified.

Big celebrations in the Helenius corner.

Helenius vs Kownacki

03:07 , George Flood

Someone surely needs to protect Kownacki from himself here.

The ringside doctor has a look at that badly damaged left eye, but he does come out for the start of the sixth round.

He’s certainly brave, but this is a bit difficult to watch.

He doesn’t look like he can see anything out of that left eye, with the right eye also swollen as Helenius keeps landing combinations and big right hands.

Helenius vs Kownacki

03:04 , George Flood

This time Helenius is furious after getting hit with another low blow from Kownacki early in the fifth.

Helenius - who is 37, let’s not forget - is still boxing so nicely and confidently, teeing up the right hand with the left jab and smashing in that right uppercut.

Kownacki wants to turn this into a brawl but he can’t land and continues to eat big shots as the referee warns him that he needs to see something coming back very soon.

Helenius continues to rip in big punches and I’m not sure how the referee hasn’t stepped in yet, with Kownacki walking onto so many wincing shots.

Kownacki makes it to the bell, but he’s taken so much punishment here and his face is a mess.

There surely won’t be a sixth round.

Helenius vs Kownacki

02:59 , George Flood

Knowing that he might not be able to see out of that left eye for much longer, Kownacki is aggressive as he comes forward at the start of the fourth.

He’s not lacking heart, but he’s leaving himself wide open and gets crunched with a lovely short right uppercut on the inside.

Helenius - controlling the tempo totally - picks his punches wonderfully, using a stinging left jab to set up that punishing right hand.

Kownacki’s face is a mess as he continues to absorb some massive punches before the bell.

You wouldn’t be surprised if Kownacki was pulled out here.

Helenius vs Kownacki

02:57 , George Flood

Attritional stuff between these bearded brutes, with Kownacki’s left eye causing him more issues before he walks straight onto a big combination towards the end of the third.

Helenius is then caught very, very low with a left hand up close that looked miles below the belt line.

The big Finn is offered the mandatory five minutes to recover, but he turns it down and the bell quickly sounds.

You wonder how much longer Kownacki will be able to continue with that badly damaged left eye, which is closing up rapidly.

Helenius vs Kownacki

02:52 , George Flood

That badly swollen left eye is causing Kownacki a lot of problems as he blinks uncomfortably at the start of the second.

But that’s better from ‘Babyface’ as he goes from body to head and drives in a powerful right hand over the top.

He then does a much better job of seeing off Helenius’ attacks and probably does about enough himself to take the round.

But that left eye is going to be a big issue the longer this fight goes on.

Kownacki’s corner demand more head movement before the third.

Helenius vs Kownacki

02:48 , George Flood

A terrible start from Kownacki as his head movement is lacking again and he gets caught with a big early right hand!

The towering Helenius - who looks in great shape - looks confident from the outset, marking up his opponent’s left eye already.

Helenius controlling the tempo and throwing much more effective punches, rocking the sluggish Kownacki with another huge blow!

Helenius goes for the first-round stoppage and lands more powerful, accurate shots, but the bell just about saves Kownacki!

Awful from Kownacki. Helenius absolutely dominant from the first bell, showing a lovely variety of punches including a brilliant long uppercut.

Helenius vs Kownacki

02:44 , George Flood

Here we go!

This should be a cracker.

Wilder arrives

02:38 , George Flood

Wilder looking stylish and focused as he now arrives backstage at the T-Mobile Arena with fiancee Telli Swift.

The anticipation is building!

It is said that Fury arrived earlier to watch Anderson, whom he has been working with in camp.

Helenius vs Kownacki up next

02:35 , George Flood

Really looking forward to this next bout, which many feel could easily be the fight of the night.

Finland’s two-time European heavyweight champion Robert ‘The Nordic Nightmare’ Helenius stunned the previously undefeated Adam ‘Babyface’ Kownacki with a fourth-round stoppage in the latter’s home city of New York last March in one of the shocks of the year.

Can he repeat that upset here or will Kownacki get back on track?

Anderson stops Tereshkin in second round

02:26 , George Flood

Anderson is told to use his jab and box more by his corner before the start of the second.

Tereshkin - while clearly durable - is awkward but quite cumbersome and it’s not making for a contest that is particularly easy on the eye in the early going.

But Anderson is still whipping in some heavy shots, going upstairs and then to the body and showcasing his vastly superior speed.

Tereshkin is rocked by a huge right hand and Anderson swarms him into the corner, with the referee keeping a close eye and then stepping in to end proceedings as the American unloads with more massive rights and nothing coming back!

A good stoppage and an easy 10th straight KO win for ‘Big Baby’, who wins the junior NABF heavyweight title.

Anderson vs Tereshkin

02:22 , George Flood

Anderson wasting little time showcasing his considerable power here. He looks in much better shape than Tereshkin and lands some strong early blows.

It’s a combative opening round, but definitely Anderson with the better punches and punishing some sloppy errors from the Russian.

Anderson vs Tereshkin

02:20 , George Flood

Shakur Stevenson - who fights Jamel Herring for the WBO junior lightweight title in Atlanta on October 23 - watching on from ringside as this first heavyweight tussle gets underway.

Fury message to British fans

02:16 , George Flood

A message from Fury for the committed UK fight fans that were sadly unable to travel to the USA to support the WBC champion tonight but are instead staying up until Sunday morning to roar him on from home...

Main PPV card up next

02:09 , George Flood

Fury-Wilder 3 is edging closer!

It’s time for the main pay-per-view card at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, which is an all-heavyweight affair.

First up it’s exciting two-time US national amateur champion Jared ‘Big Baby’ Anderson, who battles Russia’s undefeated giant southpaw Vladimir Tereshkin.

Anderson, who turned pro in 2019, will be looking for a 10th straight stoppage as he competes for the NABF junior title.

Berlanga beats Coceres by unanimous decision

02:02 , George Flood

All three cards read 96-93 in favour of Edgar Berlanga, who takes the vacant NABO super-middleweight title.

Though he’s graceful in defeat, Coceres’ team are visibly unhappy by those scores and there are boos and whistles from the crowd at T-Mobile Arena.

I think Berlanga did enough, but that fight proved he still has a lot to learn before realising his full potential.

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:57 , George Flood

Coceres looking to detonate that right over the top whenever possible, landing another but then Berlanga ends much the stronger with some heavy rights of his own.

This is close and the knockdown may have changed things, but Berlanga likely did enough overall to claim the decision.

Again we go to the cards after 10 captivating rounds of boxing in Las Vegas. Is there another upset coming?

Both men feel they’ve won it.

Tyson Fury in the house

01:55 , George Flood

Tyson Fury looking as completely relaxed as ever as he is seen arriving at the T-Mobile Arena with wife Paris in the last few minutes.

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:54 , George Flood

Lying on the canvas, Berlanga beat his chest in frustration after going for a big shot of his own and getting knocked down with what was an absolutely brilliant right hand over the top from Coceres... even more impressive when you consider that Coceres can’t be able to see at all out of that horribly swollen right eye now.

The 10th and final round is perfectly poised! Coceres will feel he can win this now.

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:52 , George Flood

Nice work initially in the ninth from Berlanga, keeping up the intensity with some quality shots, with the right eye of Coceres now almost completely closed up!

But then he knocks Berlanga down with a massive right over the top! Huge drama in the ninth round!

Coceres goes for the finish but Berlanga makes it to the bell. Wow!

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:49 , George Flood

A pretty even eighth round that is relatively quiet in comparison to most of those that have come before.

Berlanga is winning this, but not as comfortably as he would like or most would probably have thought.

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:44 , George Flood

Coceres’ confidence is high but he’s then stopped in his tracks by a super right hand from Berlanga, who is promptly urged forward by his corner after again not stepping up the tempo following that big shot.

Coceres goes back to boxing tidily from the outside and largely controlling the tempo, but he absorbs another ripping left hook in the final stages of the seventh.

Berlanga’s round. Three of the scheduled 10 left to go...

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:41 , George Flood

Brilliant from Coceres as he steps inside with 90 seconds left in the sixth and rattles off some quick, heavy blows with the right hand.

Berlanga looked stunned!

Coceres - whose footwork is superb - again with some great shots and then uses his long left to set up another big right that lands perfectly and looks to hurt Berlanga.

After looking so comfortable early on, the undefeated, big-punching and highly-rated Berlanga is in a real fight here.

What a round from Coceres!

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:36 , George Flood

That’s a peach of a right from Coceres with around a minute left in a competitive fifth round.

He’s following his useful jab with a few long, winding left hooks and having some good success with it as Berlanga - who has started to look a bit sluggish - again struggles to close the space.

Definitely Coceres’ round, that.

The television cameras trail a black Lincoln suv on a nearby highway, which is believed to contain Fury on his way to the arena.

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:32 , George Flood

A nice counter from Coceres early in the fourth.

The Argentine is moving better now and Berlanga is having more of a struggle to close the space, but Berlanga then rocks Coceres with a monster left hook that lands flush to the side of the temple in the corner.

Berlanga presses for the finish a bit too late and it allows Coceres to recover, with the duo then exchanging big punches in the centre of the ring.

Berlanga lurches forward from quite a distance just before the bell and is probably fortunate not to get tagged.

A really entertaining round. Berlanga will be frustrated not to have gone harder for the stoppage, but getting the rounds under his belt is no bad thing.

He went eight rounds with Demond Nicholson in April, but before that had won all of his first 15 pro fights by first-round knockout.

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:27 , George Flood

Berlanga is told by his corner to get the jab working more in the third.

He quickly does just that, setting up a cracking right upstairs.

He then rips in another big left to the body!

Coceres is still on the outside trying to keep moving and keep his opponent at bay, but Berlanga is having a lot of success now in closing that space and snapping back the Argentine’s head with a stinging jab.

Coceres’ best work of the fight so far comes towards the end of the round, landing his first big shot and then boxing better from the outside.

Enough to shade the round? It seems doubtful.

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:23 , George Flood

A vicious left to the body clearly hurts the smaller Coceres early in the second.

The powerful Berlanga rattles in another and then pounces forward with menace off the back of one more striking left.

Two rounds firmly in the bag for the man from New York so far.

Berlanga vs Coceres

01:21 , George Flood

A good opening round from Berlanga, landing some slick shots including a tidy uppercut and demonstrating his significant speed, whipping in that right hand with venom.

Coceres is trying to stay on the outside and pick his moments, because Berlanga is lightning quick on the counter when he does risk coming inside.

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