Fussy-eating UK schoolgirl eats 'disgusting' foods to raise money for hospital

A ten-year-old ''fussy eater'' raised money for a hospital which cared for her sick brother - by eating food she hates including Marmite, sprouts, olives and spam.

Jessie Atkins-Bromley is seen gagging as she eats things she detests - like chilli crisps, apples with mayonnaise and a Bounty Bar.

Her little brother Charlie Bromley was diagnosed with Tethered Cord last year - which led to extreme constipation and caused him a lot of pain.

After Charlie's major surgery in February, Jessie, from Wallingford, Oxfordshire, wanted to do a challenge to raise money for the hospital that helped her brother.

The notoriously fussy eater completed a food challenge where she encouraged people to dare her to eat foods she hates - including olives, chilli crisps, apples with mayonnaise - and SPAM.

But she didn't turn her nose up at a single challenge - and ended up more than TRIPLING her goal of £200 raised for the hospital.

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