Futuristic Tri-Wing Jumbo Jet Concept Reduces Fuel Consumption By 70%

Could we be flying on this new generation of aircraft in the future? An aircraft manufacturer in Alabama has unveiled their new concept plane which reduces fuel consumption by 70% and lowers CO2 emissions by 80%. The SE200 by SE Aeronautics is a 100% monocoque moulded wide-body airliner. Able to carry up to 264 passengers, SE200 functions as a light-weight regional or long range airliner with a non-stop range of 10,560 miles. Inside, SE Aeronautics developed a new "once-through" air feed ventilation system that never recirculates air in the cabin dramatically reducing the risk of exposure to airborne diseases. The innovative design is a more efficient, light-tri wing configuration that greatly improves lift over drag resulting in short take-off and landing (STOL) capabilities and extremely long flights. With an emphasis on safety, the design is made of one solid-moulded piece of fuselage that is many times stronger than existing aircraft. The fuel is not stored in the wings but in self sealing bladders on top of the fuselage and in the event of emergency landing over water, the aircraft floats.