G and OG: We're shaping our food dream after MKRSA

Cape Town – Fan favourites G and OG were the latest team to be eliminated for the MKRSA headquarters.

The “meat guys” had to cook a vegetarian dish against the Bloem besties, Liz and Leanne in a tense sudden death round. 

Things went south for the brother-in-law duo in the first round when they had to make a pasta dish.

They mismanaged their time and failed to plate their dish before the clock stopped.

In the sudden death round both teams created traditional “meaty” meals, but with vegetarian substitutes.

For their final dish OG and G plated some cheese and chives risotto balls with a chipotle salsa. The judges chose to send them home because their risotto balls lacked any flavour.

We had a quick Q&A with G and OG about their experience on the show, the last challenge and where we will see them next. 

Your pasta challenge went south – on a scale of one to ten what were your confidence levels going into the sudden death challenge?

G:  It was the second time we were in a sudden death cook-off, so our confidence levels were low. I would say 4 out of 10.
OG: My confidence level was quite low considering it was a vegetarian challenge. What was more difficult was the fact it was our second time in an elimination challenge. It was mentally very tough for us.

If you could go back and make another dish, what would it be?

G: Truth be told, if I was facing that same challenge all over again I  wouldn’t have changed the dish itself but rather tighten up on the quality of the dish. 
OG: I would have used pork mince instead of the chicken. We had to mince the chicken ourselves in our pasta dish. I think that it was what made us late when it came to plating our meal. 

Since the challenges have you tried cooking more vegetarian dishes?

G: Not necessarily vegetarian dishes but I have come up with some cool ways to add more vegetables into my dishes. 
OG: No! None whatsoever. LOL!

What was your favourite challenges?

G: I must say that going into the competition, OG and I never knew what to expect. From the instant restaurant stage to the MKRSA Kitchen HQ, we had a roller coaster ride and because of that reason, I believe that every challenge was interesting for us! We tried to make the most of each day.
OG: All the outdoor challenges were fun for us. Although hard, we thrived in those conditions.

What was your favourite meal from the other teams?

G: I would have loved to taste Jamandi and Machiel's food but I never got the chance! I also liked Liz and Lianne's steak challenge dish. 
OG: Jamandi and Machiel's German inspired food in the street food challenge. 

What has been the highlight of your MKRSA experience? 

G: Getting to meet incredible individuals who care so much about their work. From the production team who do their job so well, to the contestants who gave me a good run for my money. This truly was a unique journey and I feel privileged to have been a part of it.
OG: My highlight from this experience was learnin how to make certain foods from scratch. The whole experience opened me up to the art of cooking good looking and tasty food. 

Who do you think will win?

G: It’s a tough one! I’d love a team from group 2 to win, of course.
OG: Jamandi and Machiel remain the most consistent so far but in this show, you just never know what could still happen. 

You guys were a fan favourite – what’s next for G and OG?

G: I’m currently working on a space to showcase some of my work. OG and I will also be working together on a lot of more projects to come. 
OG: We are going to explore how we can shape our food dream going forward. We are both entrepreneurs and we think together we can achieve more. Stay tuned!

Tune if for all the cooking drama Sundays at 18:00 on M-Net (DStv 101). 

(Photos supplied: M-Net/MKRSA)