The G7 Summit kicks off in Cornwall

The G7 Summit officially kicks off on Friday with leaders from several countries meeting including the USA, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Germany and Japan and the EU. The countries at the Summit are set to discuss a number of topics from the Covid-19 pandemic to climate change. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had one-on-one meetings with many political officials from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. This is the first time Draghi and Suga are attending the prestigious event. Guest invitations have also been sent out to nations including Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa. Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden met one day before the Summit on Thursday discussing easing travel restrictions and agreeing on a new ‘Atlantic Charter’. The three-day event will officially end on Sunday June 13th.

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