Who is Gabbriette, the person Matty Healy has been spotted kissing?

who is gabbriette, the person matty healy has been spotted kissing
Who is Gabbriette, seen kissing Matty Healy?Getty Images

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the last 24 hours, the chances are you've seen the pictures of The 1975 singer Matty Healy kissing someone called Gabriette. So who exactly is she? Here's what you need to know.

Yep, unfortunately for the paparazzi, the days of Matty Healy and Taylor Swift maybe- or maybe not dating are long gone. Instead, the 34-year-old British frontman has been photographed arm-in-arm with Gabbriette in New York [4th September], when they were also photographed kissing and cuddling.

Who is Gabbriette?

Gabriette - real name Gabrielle Bechtel - is 25 and was born in Orange County, California. Her mum is Mexican and her dad is German.

She's a model and influencer

With 55k Instagram followers and 316k TikTok followers, Gabbriette makes a living from social media, with collaborations with the likes of Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Diesel and Heaven to speak of. She's renowned for her indie-sleaze aesthetic, thanks to the grungy makeup and thin eyebrows, while she also gains traction for her cooking videos, which she shares across her platforms.

She used to be in a girlband called Nasty Cherry

Once upon a time, Gabbriette also fronted the band Nasty Cherry - when she was known as Gabi, FYI - which was put together and mentored by Charli XCX for a 2019 documentary series called I'm with the Band: Nasty Cherry.

It's not really known what happened to the band, but it's thought they split in 2021 as they haven't shared an Instagram post since that July.

The mutual connection might be Charli XCX

While it's not known how long Matty and Gabrriette have been together, fans are speculating that British singer Charli XCX might be the link. That's because she's dating The 1975's drummer George Daniel, who she's been with for two years, while Charli was also responsible for handpicking Gabriette to join her girlband Nasty Cherry. Interesting.

So there you go.

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