Gaby Roslin won’t apologise for positivity

The presenter is returning to Channel 5 screens.

TV presenter Gaby Roslin has said she never apologises for her happiness, since the death of her mother.

Roslin – who has enjoyed a long career in media, including returning TV series Shop Smart And Save Money – has said she is a “bloody nightmare” of positive thinking.

She said: “When mum died, I then realised I’m never apologising about loving life and being happy, so I don’t apologise any more.”

She added: “People just say, ‘Thank you for positivity’, but then that’s me. I am one of those annoying, bloody nightmare women who actually really does love life.

“I really do annoy my husband and my kids by leaping out of bed and going, ‘morning’ and singing and dancing around the house.

“There are times when my 17-year-old just goes, ‘Mum’, and my husband goes, ‘Gaby, can you just…’.”

The presenter is returning with a third series of Shop Smart And Save Money.

She has said she dreams of a “daily, live, fun show. An Ellen-type show and just have mayhem and madness”.

Shop Smart And Save Money returns to Channel 5 on Thursday April 18.

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