Gagarin ISS anniversary launch: Astronaut describes being “catapulted” into space

Rachelle Abbott
·2-min read

It’s 60 years since Russian Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space, and also 40 years since the launch of Nasa’s first space shuttle.

To mark the occasion a rocket carrying a Nasa astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts has been named after Gagarin, and it successfully blasted off from Kazakhstan bound for a stint on the International Space Station.

But what is it like being “catapulted” into space? We ask ESA Astronaut Thomas Reiter, previously a German fighter jet pilot who has made two space trips.

A tech entrepreneur has used her experience saving a woman from two male attackers - with the help of some female friends - to develop a crowd-sourced security app.

Neta Schreiber, founder of SafeUp, launched the service in Tel Aviv but is now rolling it out worldwide, as reports of abductions and the death of Sarah Everard in London have led to calls for better protection for women.

Egyptologists have announced their discovery of a 3,000-year-old city that was thought to be lost forever beneath the desert.

The dig, near the Valley of the Kings, has already revealed treasures including jewellery, coloured pottery, scarab beetle amulets and mud bricks bearing royal seals.

Scientists are launching a listening experiment to check the Covid-era health of the world’s oceans, fancy some monkey tennis? Elon Musk has released a video apparently showing a Macaque with a brain chip implant playing the Pong video game. And, Twitter has launched an emoji for the Milk Tea Alliance, a global online pro-democracy movement uniting anti-Beijing campaigners – and it’s named after a shared regional passion for sweet tea drinks.

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