Gaggle of Goslings Disappears for Nap Under Adult Goose's Wings

A nature enthusiast captured a group of around 25 goslings squeezing and nearly entirely disappearing under the wings of an adult female goose in Saskatchewan, Canada, earlier this summer.

The crowd of young geese continues to shift around until most of them are snug and protected under the wings.

The footage was posted by Mike Digout, a Saskatchewan native who regularly monitors Canadian geese and who said he shot the video on May 19.

Digout told Storyful that he did not think that all of the goslings were the offspring of the “mother” goose.

“Canadian geese will often use a cooperative parenting method in urban centers, with mature adults looking after the goslings of several related families when the goslings are little,” Digout said. Credit: Mike Digout via Storyful

Video transcript


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