Gai Zaap chicken restaurant that uses everything from beak to feet to open in Nottingham

A new restaurant is heading to Nottingham - and it's all about chicken. The city is not short of chicken shops but this is different as every part of the bird is used, from beak to feet, as well as the skin and livers.

Gai Zaap is the latest brainchild from the team behind Zaap Thai, the popular restaurant with a tuk-tuk in the city centre at Bromley Place. The new 66-seater eatery will be opening in mid-July in the former premises of Zaap's Thai supermarket in Upper Parliament Street.

Promising to redefine the chicken shop concept with its unique, innovative Asian-inspired twist, the name translates as 'super tasty chicken'. While it's sure to attract the city's big Asian population, anyone not partial to chicken feet will still be able to find something to take their fancy such as half and whole chickens, wings, boneless chicken, burgers and wraps, all available either fried or grilled.

A selection of mains will include Thai-style salt and pepper chicken, fragrant Hainanese chicken rice, chicken noodles and grilled chicken with som tum salad. Crispy chicken skin and chicken livers will be served as small plates along with chicken cakes and chicken satay.

Accompanying the chicken will be a range of homemade sauces and coatings including tangy chilli-tamarind, spicy Thai Jeaw, crispy chilli and garlic, and tom yum spice. The culinary journey doesn't end there with Gai Zaap offering sides of crispy fries, sticky rice, corn on the cob, halloumi, and tornado potatoes.

To wash it down there will be a variety of drinks, amongst them Thai beers, soju, bubble teas, smoothies and milkshakes. For dessert bubble waffle cones, ice cream, and warm chocolate cake are some of the options. Families are welcome, and Gai Zaap will have a dedicated kids' menu.

Just like Zaap Thai diners will be able to see chefs working in an open kitchen. The modern interior will have exposed brickwork, stylish tiling, and unique graffiti artwork.

Gerrard Marks, MD at Gai Zaap, said: "We're thrilled to introduce Gai Zaap to the vibrant culinary scene of Nottingham. It’s a concept we’ve been developing for a long time and we’re so excited to bring it to life. We’re taking the chicken shop and injecting a unique Asian twist.

"We’re creating a dining experience that celebrates the versatility and deliciousness of chicken in every bite, from our beak to feet menu philosophy to our stylish modern interior, every aspect of Gai Zaap has been shaped to delight our guests. We can't wait to open our doors and share our passion for super tasty chicken."