Gainesville student teams up with local business

Jan. 17—This Friday is National Popcorn Day, and Madd Pops is here to help celebrate.

Madd Pops is a flavored popcorn business founded by Madden Westover, a sixth grader at Gainesville Intermediate.

"I was on the couch watching a movie with my dad, and I wanted to add flavor to some popcorn," said Westover. "I asked Cassidy if she could think of something."

Westover gets plenty of business inspiration from his parents, Jason and Cassidy Westover, who own and operate their own businesses, Bluebird Services and Kayson's Candy Company. While they got him started, Madd Pops is Madden's business with him picking flavors and coming up with everything from the name to the logo design to the slogan "Unleash the flavor madness."

"We have sweet and savory flavors," said Westover. "For sweet we have ones like Unicorn Mix, Caramel and White Chocolate Oreo, and our savories are things like White Cheddar, Everything Bagel and Jalapeño Cheddar."

Right now, Madd Pops can be found at Kayson's Candy Company in downtown Gainesville and at local markets.

"Our goal is to get to do some fundraisers with local schools. Also, we want to start building up our business and moving to different locations," said Westover. "We're getting new flavors, like we're going to have dill pickle, and also we're looking for patriotic colors."