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All-time low price! The stellar Samsung Galaxy tablet is $300 off, today only

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When it comes to tablets, everyone thinks of the iPad as the top-tier option, but that's not necessarily the case. The iPad has a serious competitor in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, one of the brand's highest-performing tablets. Not only does it pack a ton of power into a sleek frame, but it includes the S Pen — Samsung's answer to the Apple Pencil — and it even has a powerful camera for shooting 4K photos and video. Right now, it's on sale for $300 off, but only until midnight (along with several other Samsung tablets.)

With this 12.4-inch AMOLED screen, you'll get a gorgeous display in a lightweight, portable package.
$600 at Amazon

The Galaxy Tab S8 has an impressive spec sheet. It boasts 128GB of internal storage along with an SD card slot for even more memory if you need it. It also has 8GB of RAM, which is more than many Chromebooks have. The screen resolution goes far beyond 1080p, too, landing somewhere around the 2K mark.

Another noteworthy trait is the fact that it's Wi-Fi 6E compatible, so it can take advantage of updated Wi-Fi connections, giving you as much as three times the speed of Wi-Fi 5. Whether you're downloading a new game to while away the hours or you need to jump onto a video call, this will give you a more stable connection.

Now let's talk about the S Pen. This stylus is responsive and comfortable to hold, providing an easy way to mark up documents or scratch that artistic itch. It's included with the purchase, which only adds more value to this deal — honestly, Apple could stand to learn a thing or two from Samsung.

The battery is impressive, especially for a tablet of this size. With a 10,090mAh battery, you can expect nearly all-day juice under normal usage. When the charge drops, just use the included cable to top it off quickly thanks to its fast-charge function.

At the current price of $600, this tablet isn't exactly cheap, but it's comparable in power to a higher-end iPad Pro, and significantly less expensive than going the Apple route. It's great for students who need a solid tablet for taking notes or for someone looking for a productivity machine more than something for entertainment.

The Galaxy Tab S8
The Galaxy Tab S8 is powerful enough to replace your laptop. (Photo: Amazon)

"Best piece of tech I own!" said one student. "I primarily use my Tab S8 for reading, note-taking and school assignments (have even used it for coding with Google Colab). At every task it exceeds in ways that I never would have expected from a tablet. ... it seems that Samsung goes out of their way to make the workflow as efficient as possible on a tablet, and I haven't had a single bug in the three months I've owned the product."

Another user said the Galaxy Tab S8 became a laptop replacement: "This tablet can very easily replace my laptop for 99% of my needs. The portfolio case with built-in keyboard is a must! The common shortcuts like cut, copy, paste are exactly the same as a PC. Alt-tab is very helpful for closing apps that stay open. ... This replaced my Note Pro tablet which I was very happy with but there is no comparison with this machine. The picture and screen quality is great. I did a ZOOM call and the other side was amazed at how clear I looked. They were able to read a document I put in front of the front facing camera. I am overall completely satisfied with this tablet."

Right now, three different colors are on sale for the same price. It's a great deal — and the lowest price we've ever seen. And if you're looking for something even cheaper, check out one of the other models, like the Galaxy Tab S6.

The S6 includes the S Pen, up to 12 hours of battery life, and 128GB of onboard flash memory.
$270 at Amazon

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a scaled-down (but still powerful!) version of the S8. It's a more budget-friendly option that retains a lot of the same functionality, including the ability to use the S Pen. You can use this tablet to function like a hotspot, and it's even able to generate a pseudo-surround-sound effect thanks to its dual speaker setup — perfect for binging TV shows in bed.

"Excellent tablet for artists, students, and anyone else who needs a tablet," one user said. "This tablet has become something I happily use every day. I've been trying to get into digital art, and I've tried both screenless tablets that connect to a computer as well as a cheaper Lenovo tablet with a stylus. Neither of those devices compares to the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite."

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