Gallons of milk thrown away by fans in controversial promo by Chinese TV show

Fans of an entertainment show were spotted pouring milk into ditches after scanning QR codes inside the bottle caps to vote for their favourite celebrities in northern China. The entertainment show called "Youth With You" sponsored by the milk company, Mengniu Dairy, launched a vote for the celebrities in the show. For each scan of the QR code in a Mengniu bottled milk cap, you get one chance to vote for your favourite star. Many fans bought large amounts of bottled milk, scanned the QR codes and just poured the milk into the ditch. According to the witness, a total of 270,000 bottles of milk have been opened and wasted, which counted to more than 60 tonnes. The issue was strongly criticised by the authorities and Chinese audiences, especially when the country was trying to eradicate food waste. The show is now suspended by the local authorities and the production team is under the risk of violating the Anti-food waste law that was later announced on April 29. The video was filmed on May 1 and provided by local media.

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