'With my gals': Sarah Jessica Parker makes rare appearance with twin daughters at NYC gala

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Sarah Jessica Parker made her first-ever red carpet appearance with her 8-year-old twin daughters, Tabitha and Loretta Broderick, at the New York City Ballet’s Spring Gala on Thursday night. The girls were pure spring bliss in their floral dresses — and the same style graced their rose-adorned Mary Jane shoes.

Loretta, who was born Marion Loretta but goes by her middle name, and Tabitha have been to events before, including the opening night of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway a year ago, but were accompanied by dad Matthew Broderick and big brother James Wilkie, 15. This was a girls’ night for sure and the twins, who attend different schools, held onto mom while they walked the red carpet. They carried their sweaters, and both had on headbands and carried the same purses.

Sarah Jessica Parker with her red-carpet-ready beauties, Loretta and Tabitha, at the New York City Ballet’s Spring Gala on May 3, 2018. (Photo: Owen Hoffmann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Parker, who rocked a high bun and light-colored sheer dress for the event, hinted ahead of time on Instagram that her “gals” would be her “wee dates.” She showed photos of them getting their hair done for the “special night.”

Of course, Parker also showed a photo of their shoes — after all, she is a shoe designer. The girls adorably wore the same pair, but in different ways — tights vs. non. The Sex and the City alum went with a sparkle.

And she noted that she couldn’t wait to get to the gala.

After her social media tip-off that her daughters were coming, photogs made sure to snap the trio heading out of their downtown home.

Sarah Jessica Parker, and Tabitha and Loretta Broderick seen on the streets of Manhattan on May 3, 2018. (Photo: James Devaney/GC Images)

The girls were headliners before they were even born — and not in the typical celebrity pregnancy sense. They were born by surrogate in 2009 before surrogacy was a widely discussed method of family-building.  Parker and Broderick’s surrogate was harassed to the point where she had to move out of her home and into a hotel. An Ohio police chief — yes, we said police chief — was later convicted of stealing items from her home related to the pregnancy and meeting with freelance photographers to sell the material.

But that was ages ago — and these beauties will be turning 9 in June.

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