Gambler ‘who told ex-lover he’d make her life hell’ loses claim

Tristan Kirk
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A woman who says her high-rolling gambler ex-boyfriend swore to “make her life hell” after they split up has fought off his claim to a share of her £540,000 home.

Tracy Perrin, 59, broke up “acrimoniously” with Phillip Langford in 2016 but faced a court fight over the house in Eltham he claimed to have helped to finance.

Mr Langford, said to make makes about £100,000 a year from gambling, told a judge he had showered Mrs Perrin with expensive gifts including a diamond ring and a £7,500 Rolex watch during their four-year relationship.

He argued that the Eltham property was “shared” as he had contributed to the mortgage, insisting at Central London county court that the couple had “planned their future together”.

Mrs Perrin, a teaching assistant, said her former partner had been little more than a paying guest, claiming he had earned the nickname “Phillip the Lodger” and was “very possessive” about food that he had bought. Mr Langford denied the claims.

Judge Sarah Langley has rejected Mr Langford’s claim for a £50,000 share of the house and left him with a bill for about £35,000 in legal costs.

She said that money he handed over was “payment to Mrs Perrin in respect of his rent or keep” and any gifts were “part and parcel of the relationship”.

The couple began dating in July 2012 and Mr Langford moved into Mrs Perrin’s home, which she had shared with her husband until his death three years earlier. She accused him of being “spiteful, bullying and controlling” during their relationship.

Mrs Perrin said he pledged to “make her life hell” when their romance crumbled, and she had eventually changed the locks to keep him out of the home.