‘Game-changing’ Volkswagen aftersales package launched for its older cars

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Volkswagen has today launched a new aftersales package that aims to give drivers of the brand’s older vehicles greater support once the main warranty runs out.

Said to be the first time a manufacturer has launched a scheme of this type, ‘All-in from Volkswagen’ is available on the brand’s models aged between three and six years old. Included are two services – one major and one minor – European roadside assistance, two MOTs and a warranty to cover the two-year period.

Volkswagen says the package, which is available from £33.45 per month or £802.80 in one go, allows customers to budget more carefully and could save them £833 over two years compared to if the items were bought separately.

Andrew Savvas, director of Volkswagen UK, said that the scheme showed the brand’s support was ‘ongoing and comprehensive’.

Savvas said: “The programme, and the investment behind it, proves our commitment to providing an industry-leading package for owners of used Volkswagens. A customer isn’t just a customer until they leave the showroom, or even for a year or two after that – our support is ongoing and comprehensive, and reflects the belief we have in our cars, long after they are delivered to the first owner.”

Volkswagen servicing package
The package covers services and repairs

The firm says up to 500,000 Volkswagens aged between three and six years old could be eligible for the scheme, though there are some exceptions. Electric cars – the e-Golf and e-Up! – cars with an engine larger than 2.0 litres and those that have covered more than 100,000 miles will be excluded, while vehicles will need to be inspected by a technician before accessing the package.

Volkswagen has added that the package would be available on other Group brands – which include Seat, Skoda and Audi – at a ‘later date’.

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