'Game changing' wheelie bin trick shared by mum goes viral, simplifying weekly rubbish routine

Refuse bins lined up opposite a terrace of cottages in Hinchliffe Mill village near Holmfirth, Northern England.
-Credit: (Image: Getty)

Whether you relish the weekly ritual or find it a chore, bin day is always a hot topic in local communities.

Nobody wants to miss bin day, as leaving your wheelie bin off the kerb could mean your refuse isn't collected, resulting in an accumulation of unpleasant rubbish. Yet, there's no denying that bin collection day comes with its own set of irritations.

The routine involves not just remembering to take your bins out but also hauling them back onto your property afterwards. It's not the most time-consuming task, but it can be a nuisance, particularly if you're dealing with multiple bins.

However, a woman has now revealed a 'game-changing' trick that promises to simplify the process of moving several bins at once. And folks are eager to give it a whirl.

Charli, a mother of two, divulged her tip in a TikTok video that has since captivated over 630.9k viewers In her viral clip, the 33 year old explains: "Hack for you all, to put the bins away, so you don't have to come back to do them separate.", reports the Mirror.

Her method involves linking two bins together, allowing them to be moved simultaneously with ease. To execute the hack, she positions two bins side by side, then opens one bin's lid.

Her method involves linking two bins together
Her method involves linking two bins together -Credit:Getty

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Next, she tucks the lid of the second bin into the first, and finally closes the first bin's lid over both. This clever arrangement means when one bin is pulled, the other tags along, eliminating the need for multiple trips.

Many were infatuated with the tip. One person exclaimed: "Omg deffo trying this now," while another seconded: "So doing this in a minute," and a third chimed in: "Rite that's me come this Thursday. Makes my life easier."

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Refuse bins lined up opposite a terrace of cottages in Hinchliffe Mill village near Holmfirth, Northern England.
The hack has been called genius -Credit:Getty

When you have to lug more than two bins, it was pointed out by another user that "This is really handy." Yet another person labelled the hack as "genius" and someone else enthused: "Can't wait to try this."

In addition to implementing this time-saving hack, it's important to follow some essential wheelie bin etiquette. For instance, one should only roll out their bin onto the street on collection day - certainly not days ahead.

Once emptied, best practise dictates promptly bringing it back within your property. Keeping driveways, bus stops, cycle routes, and pavements clear of any obstruction caused by your bin is also crucial.

A spokesperson from Garden Buildings Direct highlighted the serious implications of your wheelie bin being positioned in an obstructive or potentially problematic manner - there's a risk of landing oneself a hefty fine of up to £80.