Game of Thrones' Season 6 Premiere: Jon Snow - Honorable in a Dishonorable World? *SPOILERS*

Ever since the season 5 finale of Game of Thrones broadcast last June the question on everyone’s lips was this: Is Jon Snow REALLY dead? And more importantly, how significant of a character is he to the series? Scroll down to find out…


Photo Credit: HBO

Actor Kit Harington has done nothing but insist the life from his character was well and truly gone, even going so far as to gloat he did a good job of playing a corpse in the new season and STILL fans dared to hope.

The answer we’ve all been waiting for was revealed in the early hours of this morning on Sky Atlantic with hardcore fans of the epic fantasy series no doubt tuning in to see just what the deal is. Are you ready? Because here it is…


Jon Snow is dead - for NOW. Sure, this doesn’t really say much since that’s exactly where we last left off but progress has been made: his corpse is currently under guard by Davos and thanks to the Wall’s icy climate, he’s looking real good for when/if he comes back.

Characters were being introduced left, right and centre even in the inaugural episode of GoT and from the very beginning it was clear that Jon Snow was one of the MAIN main characters. Handsome and brooding, it seemed his only hope of finding out more about his mother was dashed when Ned Stark got the chop in King’s Landing.

Throughout the the series, he developed the qualities of a leader but didn’t seem as fallible as many of the other characters who were driven by greed, thirst for blood and even perversion.


Bored at times when he - and others - constantly brought up the “bastard” thing, I personally didn’t really start enjoying his story until he hooked up with Ygritte which made him all the more endearing.

Ruled by loyalty to the Night’s Watch, he never wavered in his support of his brothers - but not in place of doing “the right thing.” Such was the burn when the death blows came from none other than members of the Night’s Watch.

Ultimately, his most admirable quality may in fact be his worst - being too honorable in a dishonorable world. And for that… I love AND hate him. Thanks for carving your own gravestone Jon snow.


Because of Mr. Martin’s writer’s block busy schedule* this is the critical period in which the show has outpaced the books, making this season more significant than the previous ones.

Aside from the ageing up of the younger characters for obvious reasons, so far the series has been faithful to the books. No-one but George R. R. Martin, HBO execs, President Obama and the First Lady (surely we can assume the President viewed those advance episodes he received with Mrs. Obama?) knows what will unfold next…

*Just to be clear, it’s not my intention to diss Mr. Martin. I am not an author and have not written a novel let alone published a bestselling series. He’s a storytelling genius who’s created an incredibly detailed fantasy world which millions of people worldwide enjoy for entertainment and escapism. My only real beef with Mr. Martin is that as a fan of the TV series, GoT has sent me on a roller coaster ride of emotions which I claim to handle well but in reality…

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