Game of Thrones' final scene was originally meant to feature character who died episodes before

Jacob Stolworthy

The final scene of Game of Thrones was originally set to feature a main character who had died episodes before.

Writer Dave Hill revealed the news in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, revealing that later plot developments led to the decision to kill the character off instead of letting them survive until the end.

Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen), the knight who died protecting Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), would have ended up in the north alongside Jon Snow (Kit Harington) in the closing scene.

“For a long time we wanted Ser Jorah to be there at The Wall in the end,” Hill said. “The three coming out of the tunnel would be Jon and Jorah and Tormund. But the amount of logic we’d have to bend to get Jorah up to The Wall and get him to leave Dany’s side right before [the events in the finale]… there’s no way to do that blithely. And Jorah should have the noble death he craves defending the woman he loves.”

Glen isn’t bitter. In fact, he’s happy his character didn’t see Daenerys transform into the Mad Queen – something that led to her death in the finale.

“There’s a sweetness in that because Jorah will never know what she did,” Glen added. “That’s probably best. It’s a blessing for him that he never found out what happened to her. And from a pragmatic story point of view, his death served a greater purpose. Where could we have taken Jorah from there?“

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