Who sits on the Iron Throne at the end in Game of Thrones?

Margaret Abrams
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Who sits on the Iron Throne at the end in Game of Thrones?

There are spoilers ahead for the shocking series finale of Game of Thrones - including who actually sits upon the infamous throne (metaphorically, at least).

“No one is very happy, which means it’s a good compromise, I suppose,” Tyrion says in the finale after the ruler is chosen.

After eight seasons of fighting over an uncomfortable chair, said throne went up in flames before anyone could even sit on it. Dany got closer than anyone else, gently caressing the swords in awe. Unfortunately, her nephew/lover Jon Snow did her in before she could take her rightful place.

And despite seasons of speculation, it wasn’t Jon who then sat upon the throne. Instead, the final dragon, Drogon, burned the throne and then took his mother away from King’s Landing.


Then, all of the best characters from past seasons reconvened to discuss who, exactly, should be King (or Queen). There was everyone’s favorite blacksmith, Gendry. Sansa had a nice necklace on and has perfected her stone cold side eye after seasons of practice. Even Samwell Tarly stood up for himself to no avail. In the end, the house leaders voted on Bran for King.

Yes, the man who spent most of this season staring aimlessly into space is the now rightful heir to the currently nonexistent Iron Throne. He can't even technically sit on a throne and he never wanted it to begin with, but he was dubbed "Bran the Broken" and given the ultimate leadership role. Frankly, the show should create a spinoff based on him staring off into space at King's Landing with Tyrion as the Hand of the King. It would be a perfect comedy.

The end is shocking in more ways than one - Jon Snow is back to Castle Black, where it all started.

Twitter wasn't exactly pleased with the outcome.

Especially since so many powerful women had been vying for the throne.

And since Bran has always known that eventually, he would be the one to take the symbolic throne.

The throne might be gone forever but luckily Bran has his own.