Games of Thrones: What the Season 7 teaser trailer tells us

HBO drops “Long Walk” the first teaser trailer of the new series.

It features our three main protagonists at the end of Season 6, each making their way to their very own thrones.

Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) has landed and is taking the throne at the Targaryen’s ancient seat, Dragonstone, while Jon (Kit Harington) heads for the equivalent in Winterfell. Current incumbent of the Iron Throne, Cersei (Lena Headey) takes her place but that’s no sigh of relief slipping through her lips. The air she breathes signifies tells us she’s soon to find out the one thing that Jon Snow has known all along: Winter, by way of the White Walkers, is definitely here.

However, the most telling hint in the video about the main thrust of Season 7 isn’t what you can see – it’s what you can hear.

Words of sadness and madness from James number 2 song “Sit Down” accompanies the teaser and the full lyrics are all too apt for the story of the Iron Throne.

This pretty much sums up all the ups and downs of the claimants’ fortunes throughout all six series …

“I sing myself to sleep / A song from the darkest hour / Secrets I can’t keep / In sight of the day / Swing from high to deep / Extremes of sweet and sour”

Jon empathizing with Daenerys, maybe?

“Now I’m relieved to hear / That you’ve been to some far out places / It’s hard to carry on / When you feel all alone”

Pretty much anyone of note who got on Cersei’s bad side …

“Now I’ve swung back down again / It’s worse than it was before / If I hadn’t seen such riches / I could live with being poor”

Cersei’s invitation to her adversaries?

“Those who feel the breath of sadness / Sit down next to me / Those who find they’re touched by madness / Sit down next to me / Those who find themselves ridiculous / Sit down next to me”

All together now:

“In love, in fear, in hate, in tears / Sit down next to me / Oh sit down oh sit down oh sit down / sit down next to me … sit down down down down down … in sympathy.”

It suggests that these three are going to have to work together to fight a common enemy: The Night King, whose steely blue eye is watching.

The new series starts on Sunday, July 16 at 9pm (Monday 17 for the UK).