Gang member admits to parang attack, driving into police officer who tried to nab him

Wan Ting Koh
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SINGAPORE — A week after a man carried out a revenge parang attack on a rival, he drove into a police officer who was trying to apprehend him, causing the officer to be thrown into the air.

Separately, Irsyad Sameer Abdul Rahim, 29, was involved in a car chase which ended when a member of a rival gang, Johari Sharif, was in a car that crashed into a gate at the Istana in 2017. The driver of that car and one of the passengers died from the crash.

Irsyad, a Singaporean, faced a total of 44 charges. He pleaded guilty to 20 charges including driving under the influence of the drugs, driving in a rash manner, failing to stop his vehicle despite being instructed by a traffic police officer, consuming drugs, and being part of a secret society gang, which was involved in a dispute with another gang.

For the revenge attack, he pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon. Another 24 charges will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced.

Irsyad was part of the “Omega” Secret Society of the “Independent” Group, which was involved in a dispute with a member of the “Sio Kun Tong” Secret Society of the “18” Group.

On 16 December 2017, members of the rival groups, including Irsyad, were present at a club at Raffles Boulevard.

After a short scuffle, Irsyad’s gang was escorted from the club. They congregated at the driveway outside a 7-11 store at Marina Square, setting upon cars belonging to rival gang members. Irsyad then drove his members around Marina Square in search of other rival gang members.

Johari and two other persons, Muhammad Khairulanwar Mohamed Sani and Nurul Filzah Syazwani Abdul Rahim, were later escorted out of the club and boarded a silver Honda car driven by Khairulanwar. While the Honda was proceeding to Raffles Boulevard, it was spotted by Irsyad, who then stopped in front of it. His fellow members stopped their cars around the Honda, but Khairulanwar was able to flee the scene.

A convoy of cars gave chase, driving from Marina Square to Rochor Road and then to Bukit Timah Road. Khairulanwar eventually drove into Cavenagh Road when one of his passengers spotted uniformed police officers and told the driver to turn in to seek help.

Khairulanwar, who had consumed alcohol earlier, turned abruptly, causing the Honda to crash into the gate of the rear of the Istana. Khairulanwar and Nurul Filzah later died from the serious injuries they sustained in the crash. Johari suffered fractures to his skull, ribs and nose.

Separately, Irsyad’s fellow gang member got into a dispute in March 2018 with another member from the same secret society, who operated at a different location.

After the encounter, Irsyad plotted a revenge attack against a man, Hermanto Abdul Talib. He and three other members decided to teach Hermanto “a lesson” by slashing him with parangs.

On the night of 31 March 2018, the group went to a KTV club along Jalan Besar where Hermanto worked to carry out the attack. The group entered the club’s administrative office and began slashing Hermanto. The victim’s colleague hid behind a cabinet in fear.

Irsyad ended up slashing a patron on the head as well. He also thrashed the area before fleeing. Hermanto took two months to recover from his injuries and was left with permanent scars.

About a week later, police officers lay in wait for Irsyad in an HDB carpark at Tampines St 86.

On 7 April 2018, Irsyad was spotted walking from a void deck towards the carpark. Two police officers approached him.

In response, Irsyad entered his car and locked the door. He accelerated the car, hitting a police officer who was thrown into the air. Irsyad then fled the scene.

The police officer sustained minor injuries and was given one day of medical leave.

Irsyad abandoned the car along Bedok South Road. The car was found hours later by the police, who recovered drugs from it. Irsyad was arrested later that night by Central Narcotics Bureau officers at a hotel and his urine samples tested positive for methamphetamine.

A corrective training report was called for Irsyad and he will return to court on 19 January for his sentencing.

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