Gangs are stealing PlayStation 5s from trucks with this high-speed heist maneuver

PlayStation 5 trucks
PlayStation 5 trucks

Gangs are now busting into moving trucks to steal PlayStation 5 consoles.

It’s bad enough that legitimate customers have to deal with scummy scalpers, but now PS5s are being stolen before they can even be delivered. In the UK, criminals have been stealing consoles, cosmetics, televisions and more by looting trucks on the highway (thanks, Eurogamer).

They use a technique called “the rollover,” which looks like something straight out of Fast & Furious. Multiple cars work together to block a truck from switching lanes, forcing the truck driver to maintain a steady speed. Then a burglar will stand on top of the back car, crack open the trailer and throw out the cargo for collection.

The rollover itself isn’t new. Gangs have been using it for years to snatch goods. Here’s footage of an attempted rollover in 2012, where criminals attempted to break into a truck under the cover of night.

There have been at least 27 rollover heists this year in the UK from January to September, according to The Times. That number has continued to grow in the past few weeks as criminals continue to prey on incoming holiday shipments.

The Times also interviewed a “career criminal” who told the paper that thieves have been targeting delivery trucks because of the relative lack of protection. Drivers are often alone and rarely have security training, as former security manager Chrys Rampley told the outlet.

Rampley also said he suspects that the robbers are getting first-hand information on the delivery trucks. In other words, these heists are probably inside jobs.

“Somebody must know when and where that vehicle is and it can’t be just random that you are going to attack that,” Rampley told The Times. “Somebody has done some tipping off.”

The PlayStation 5’s launch has been tumultuous, to say the least. With holiday shortages, bots and rampant scalping, most gamers will be lucky to score one before February 2021.

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