Gardening guru shares top tips to 'destroy' stubborn weeds no matter how tough they are

Instantly destroy garden weeds for free using experts effective two-minute method
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Fantastic Services' gardening expert, Gena Lorainne, has revealed that boiling water is an "effective" method for eliminating weeds from hard surfaces. She explained: "This is simply because the hot water can destroy practically every plant, no matter how tough and meaty its leaves are."

She further cautioned that this solution should not be used regularly on plants as it would kill them instantly. Gena outlined the simple process: "Using boiling water to kill weeds is easy, you just need to boil some water and pour it on the patio while aiming for the cracks where the weeds live."

After a few minutes, the weeds will turn yellow and start to die, and according to Gena, they won't return for a while.

Interestingly, this hack is "free" if you have any leftover water from boiling pasta or making a cup of tea. Besides boiling water, white vinegar is another excellent option due to its high acid content, making it perfect for tackling weeds, reports the Express.

However, like hot water, it should only be directed onto the weeds as it could cause plants to wither and die. Gena advised: "The best possible proportion here is one part vinegar and two parts water. Then just pour it over the cracks, aiming for the middle section of the weeds."

She added that the vinegar, combined with the sun, will dry them out within an hour or so. The gardening expert said: "Baking soda is a very good cleaner, but it also has the ability to kill every plant which gets near it."

He added, "This makes it the perfect weed killer for paved patios. All you need to do is sprinkle the baking soda on the patio and just sweep it into the cracks."

"The sodium, which is contained in the baking soda, will make the atmosphere a very unpleasant place for all the weeds."