Gareth Gates divides opinion after sporting new combover hairdo

He became known for his spiky hairdo as much as his singing when he burst onto the scene during 2001’s Pop Idol.

But Gareth Gates appears to have left that look firmly in the past as he was sporting a VERY different look on Wednesday’s This Morning.

Instead of his usual, heavily gelled spikes, the 32-year-old is now favouring a sweeping combover – and his new look didn’t go unnoticed by viewers.

Gareth Gates and his new combover

Dividing opinion on Twitter, many viewers compared his new ‘do to the classic combover look, with one tweeting: ‘What does Gareth Gates look like. Cmon pal.’ While another shared emojis of a monkey covering its eyes.

A different viewer added: ‘Ph dear whats happened to Gareth gates hair (sic).’

But there was some love for the singer’s new look too, with one writing: ‘@Gareth_Gates just gets more gorgeous with age!’

Gareth Gates’ changing look

Gareth, who once suffered from a severe stammer, was on the ITV show with fellow stammer sufferer Jennifer Vaughan, 29, to explain how the McGuire Programme helped them overcome their speech impediments.

The McGuire Programme was founded in 1994 by severe stammer sufferer Dave McGuire. He developed a method based on breathing techniques and different psychological approaches to improve the speech of people like himself.

Gareth with Will Young on Pop Idol in 2001 (Photo:Rex)

Meanwhile, Gareth shared on Snapchat his impressive skills in a pair of high heels following his appearance on the show as he gears up for his Comic Relief sketch at the weekend.

He will be taking on the part of Cheryl in Girls Aloud as part of a star-studded all-male re-enactment.