Give Garlic A Break. Onion Bread Is Just As Delicious

Slice of onion bread
Slice of onion bread - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

When it comes to carby sides, garlic bread is always a surefire option. It pairs well with everything from salad to pasta and is packed with salty, pungent, buttery flavor. But even if you're a big fan of it, you might want to give onion bread a whirl instead.

Whereas garlic bread has a sharp, strong taste, onion bread has a softer, sweeter flavor. At the same time, the allium has an umami taste that adds a savory feel to your toasty bread. And, you'll still get some of the pungency that garlic gives you, although it won't be as intense with onion bread. It's also quite a versatile side with a number of different ways to prepare it. And, it works well with a number of different pairings, whether you decide to incorporate cheese into your recipe, add bacon bits, or throw in some herbs to elevate the meal.

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What To Keep In Mind When Making Onion Bread

Onion and cheese pull apart bread
Onion and cheese pull apart bread - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

If you want to make onion bread, there are actually a couple of different ways that you can go about it. You could pile your onions atop a soft focaccia, for instance. Focaccia is a versatile bread, and its salty, fatty flavor can work well against the sweet, umami taste of the onion. You could also do the same with a flatbread for a more pizza-like meal. Another option could be to make a brunch-worthy pull-apart bread packed with butter, onions, and cheese. This can be a fun way to create a side that's easy to serve a crowd. Plus, it's a fast way to get yummy onion bread without having to make something from scratch. Or, you could take a leaf out of Carolina Gelen's book and essentially make a garlic bread recipe, but swap the garlic out for jammy onions.

Another option would be to incorporate onions into your bread dough when you bake it. This will leave you with a baked product that has onions actually distributed throughout the bread for a different taste. You've also got to think not only about the method you'll use, but about the type of onions you'll cook with. To start with, there are sweet varieties such as Maui or Walla Walla. Or, you could go with yellow onions, which are particularly great if you're planning to caramelize them first. If you're after something a bit more garlicky, go for shallots.

Other Add-Ins For Your Onion Bread

Loaf of cheesy bread
Loaf of cheesy bread - ArtbyPixel/Shutterstock

Once you've chosen which method you'll use for your bread and the type of onions you'll be adding to it, it's time to think about what other add-ins you could use. Herbs are a great place to start, with sage, basil, and oregano being great options. Or, you could even add garlic, turning it into a garlic and onion crossover bread. Another addition that can add flavor to your onion bread is cheese. Go with a punchy, sharp cheddar cheese or opt for a nutty gruyere. Or, use something like mozzarella for milky notes. Experiment with different flavors that complement the onions and that add some more salty notes to your bread.

Finally, another way to add some flavor to your onion bread could be to use bacon bits in it. The saltiness of the protein can balance out some of the sweetness of the onions for a well-rounded bite. Whichever additions you choose, there are plenty of ways to create an ultra-tasty garlic bread alternative.

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