Gary Barlow to perform onboard TWO cruise ships

Gary Barlow to perform on Iona and Arvia cruise ships this spring <i>(Image: P&amp;O Cruises)</i>
Gary Barlow to perform on Iona and Arvia cruise ships this spring (Image: P&O Cruises)

Cruise ships departing from Southampton are set to welcome a very special guest performer.

Gary Barlow is Back for Good as he prepares to perform exclusive, fundraising performances on two ships this spring.

The Take That frontman will take centre stage on P&O Cruises’ Iona and Arvia to raise money for Child Bereavement UK and Teenage Cancer Trust.

Daily Echo:
Daily Echo:

Gary said: “Music has been such a massive part of my life – and taken me on so many journeys and adventures.

“After some incredible shows with P&O Cruises last year, I can’t wait to perform on Arvia and Iona in 2023 and pass these experiences on to all the guests.”

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Gary will appear on the Spain, Portugal and Canary Islands cruise on Iona departing from Southampton on March 18, and a Mediterranean cruise on P&O Cruises newest ship Arvia, departing from Southampton on April 30.

There will be two exclusive performances on each cruise and all proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the chosen charities.

Raffle tickets to Gary’s exclusive shows on Arvia and Iona can be purchased for £10 per person onboard and spaces are limited.

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