Gary Janetti's parody Prince George Instagram account has inspired a new HBO series about the royals

Margaret Abrams
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Producer and comedy writer Gary Janetti's spoof Instagram account imagines the thoughts and words of Prince George. And now, he's getting his own television show.

Deadline announced that HBO Max greenlit The Prince, which is set to be a satirical animated comedy from Janetti and 20th Century Fox TV.

The voice cast will also feature Orlando Bloom, Tom Hollander and Alan Cumming and is said to be inspired by Janetti's Instagram coverage of the Royal Family.

​Deadline writes that "the series will follow a cartooned six-year-old Prince George, voiced by Janetti, spilling the royal 'tea' on his family, followers and the British Monarchy."

New York-based Janetti, best known for his work on Will & Grace and Family Guy, began posting fake royal encounters on his personal account around the time Meghan Markle and Prince Harry began dating.

He now has more than 800,000 followers.

In Janetti's Instagram world, Prince George is positioned as a sarcastic young man who sasses everyone around him, whether it's Kate Middleton's well-meaning mother or Meghan Markle, who is presented as his nemesis - although the Prince George his imagination did just offer his apologies to the Duchess.

And Janetti recently opened up about why he's started to leave the Duchess of Sussex alone. "The way I see it, in my world, she is family, they are family, and George rallies around family. Now he sees that people and the press have piled on her, he doesn’t like it, and he’s rallying around the family. As of now, Meghan - he wants to take her under his wing. Now we’re seeing George might secretly like her. You know, he does not like to kick somebody when they’re down," he said.

Comedy writer Janetti's Prince George musings are sarcastic, snappy and (at times) salacious. (And yes, he even had a comment to make about that Meghan Markle portrait.)

"I think people have a misconception that I personally don’t like her, and that’s not true... I think she’s very pretty, modern, stylish. Sometimes people on Instagram don’t realise the difference between what I think and what this character thinks," he told Vogue Australia.

On the Meghan/Prince George feud imagined on the Instagram account, Janetti told The Hollywood Reporter, "The spotlight had been on George since he was born. Everybody was so consumed with George as the star of the show. Then, here comes this beautiful American woman, and he's relegated to the sideline in his mind. He's eaten alive by jealousy, that's how I see it. The fact that she is so appealing and winning is what's so galling to George."

Janetti even got in on the FaceApp fun, using an image of Prince George and captioning it, "At least I keep my hair."

Prince George's sister, Princess Charlotte, isn't safe from Janetti's pretend wrath either.

Janetti also repurposes headlines and shows Prince George's (imagined) reaction to the latest Royal Family news.

"He’s a narcissist. He’s manipulative. He’s obsessed with being the king. He’s obsessed with the royal bloodline and people knowing their place in it. I see him as this Shakespearean character," Janetti told The New York Times about his creation.

Janetti previously worked on the TV show Vicious and he brings that signature snark to his Instagram account.

He's married to celebrity stylist Brad Goreski, who previously appeared on The Rachel Zoe Project as her assistant and is now a host on The Fashion Police.

Goreski has an equally pop culture-centric page but much tamer Instagram presence - with no Prince George mentions.

Of course, many traditional Royal Family devotees take umbrage with Janetti's Prince George musings.

"It’s not that frequent, but I think there are some people who misunderstand, who kind of don’t get the joke, you know? They come at me and maybe think I personally don’t like Meghan Markle or that it’s certainly not appropriate to be giving such adult thoughts, as it were, to a kid," he told Huffington Post about the range of responses.

"Most people understand this is part of a bigger comic universe. It has this really biting humor. But I don’t want it to be wantonly cruel. It comes out of his character, his humanity, all of his pettiness," Janetti said.

Janetti also brought his savage takes from Instagram to the literary world with a book called Do You Mind if I Cancel? "These are essays from my childhood and young adulthood about things that still annoy me," Janetti told Entertainment Weekly.

The new TV show will certainly highlight Janetti's now noteworthy blend of sass, snark, and savage takedowns. We wonder if Prince George will be watching...

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