Gary Kemp opens door to Spandau Ballet reunion

Keiran Southern, PA
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Gary Kemp has opened the door to a new Spandau Ballet reunion, saying the decision is up to former bandmate Tony Hadley.

Lead singer Hadley left the new wave group, best known for 1980s hits such as Gold and True, in 2017.

The rest of Spandau Ballet split for a second time last year, however Kemp – who was part of the band alongside brother Martin – has not ruled out getting back together.

He told Radio Times: “Will the Spands ride again? If everyone decided to do it, I’d do it. I’m not trying to stop anyone. We tried to do it with a different singer a year ago – I didn’t enjoy it, I don’t think it works for us all.

Tony Hadley
Tony Hadley (Danny Lawson/PA)

“It’s got to be with Tony singing or not at all. Really, like it always has been, the ball’s in Tony’s court. And every bloke in that band knows it’s a great laugh. It’s just that some people take it more seriously than others.”

Spandau Ballet formed in London and first split in 1990 before getting back together in 2009.

When Hadley announced his departure in 2017, he blamed “circumstances beyond my control”.

Speaking on Smooth Radio in April, he dismissed any chance of a return to the group.

He said: “You know what? I think the whole thing is really sad. I’ve never said it publicly, and I probably never will say exactly why I left.

“It just got to the point where I couldn’t do it anymore – you know, for whatever reason. It just all went too far.”

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