Gary man charged with attempted murder after slashing at woman’s throat

A Gary man faces an attempted murder case for allegedly slashing at a woman’s throat with a box cutter, jealous she was seeing another man.

David J. Moore, 42, was also charged Wednesday with aggravated battery, domestic battery resulting in serious bodily injury, and domestic battery by means of a deadly weapon.

He is not in custody and is ordered held without bail.

Gary Police responded at 8:20 a.m. March 16 to an apartment on the 1100 block of W. 5th Avenue.

The woman told police she dated Moore on and off since 2019.

At the hospital, she had a bandage over her neck and bruised eyes. Her jaw was swollen from an allergic reaction, she said.

The woman told police Moore hit her two weeks earlier, explaining her bruised eyes, the affidavit states. He had threatened to kill her and her kids multiple times, she said.

She went over to Moore’s apartment on March 15, “so he could take me and not my kids. I sacrificed myself,” she told investigators.

Moore made dinner with mushrooms but didn’t know she was allergic, the affidavit states. He ran to CVS for Benadryl but ran into another man she was seeing. The two men argued.

Moore was “upset” by the time he got back and accused her of seeing other men and went through her phone after the other man called her. The woman said she went to sleep.

The next morning, Moore picked up the argument and picked up a box cutter.

“I should kill (you),” he told her.

He slashed at the woman. Afterward, he called 911, waited outside for paramedics, then walked away from the complex.