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Gas station employee records creepy encounter while working overnight shift: 'Scary part is he will be back'

Working any overnight shift can be tough, but when you have a customer-facing job and work through the night alone, it’s not just about staying awake — it’s also about staying safe.

A gas station employee named Sami Jean (@nobootyshakin) experiences this during overnight shifts when all sorts of characters wander in during the early morning hours. Recently, she set up her phone to record an interaction with a male customer that left her feeling seriously creeped out.

In the now-viral TikTok, Sami stands behind the counter as a man offscreen tries to engage her in an uncomfortable conversation.

Most of it is illogical and rambling and seems like an attempt to keep Sami talking. The video seems to start midway through their conversation, which gives you the sense that it’s been going on for a while.

The man mutters about how he should remove his front license plate because “it’s visible” to other drivers on the road. Then he switches topics, accusing Sami of giving him a “flirtatious laugh” earlier when he asked if she’d like to go on a high-speed car ride with him.

“Oh, I was just laughing because I’m a bad driver,” Sami says nervously while trying to ignore his innuendos.

But as the man’s rambling continues, he tries multiple times to talk her into leaving work and getting in his car.

While it’s unknown whether or not the man was intoxicated, it’s clear that his behavior was seriously off-putting. During the clip, he continues to bother Sami, which leads the TikToker to do the only thing she can think of in the moment: Respond with brief, detached replies and pretend to print out the same piece of paper over and over again to appear busy.

Finally, Sami shoots down the man’s repeated requests to go for a drive, saying that she finds speeding to be “scary” and reiterates that she has to get back to work. But apparently, that isn’t enough to send the creepy guy on his way.

Instead, things just get weirder.

“OK, what if we stayed in a hotel room?” he asks, causing Sami to giggle nervously.

“I don’t know about that one either,” she tells him. “I have a boyfriend.”

This doesn’t seem to sit well with the stranger, who questions why she didn’t mention a boyfriend earlier.

“Well you weren’t asking me to hang out earlier,” she explains while trying to move on.

The recording ends abruptly, but the message is clear: Being a woman in a vulnerable situation like this is absolutely terrifying.

In the comments, a lot of people empathized with Sami.

“I could see your breathing change,” one person commented. “They shouldn’t have anyone do shifts alone.”

“IDK what they pay you, but you deserve a raise,” added another TikToker.

People praised Sami’s calm responses, but couldn’t get over the fact that she was in this position in the first place.

“Male or female NO worker should be alone EVER. It’s not safe,” one person wrote.

Others felt the most ominous part of the story was the fact that nothing prevents him from returning.

“Scary part is he will be back,” one person declared.

In a follow-up video, Sami shared other things “creepy men” said to her, proving that her viral TikTok was far from the first time a random guy has made her uncomfortable.

Someone hired at the gas station told her over text that he was “in love” with her while she was trying to send him the store training package. Another guy she met and spoke to for only 20 minutes texted a long and intense message about how beautiful she was and how he hoped she fulfills all her dreams.

“my jaw was on the floor this whole video,” one person wrote.

“ur so strong i would’ve gotten a restraining order against the last one,” another said.

“No but fr, are men okay?” someone else added.

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