'Gavin the Seal' Hitches Ride With Paddleboarder

A Hove man was out on the River Arun on September 28 when he was joined by a sociable seal who jumped on his paddleboard.

In this video, the seal, known locally as Gavin, can be seen hanging out on John Mitchell’s board. “Sadly, I’ve no fish to share with him,” he says.

Speaking to local media, Mitchell said the seal popped up “beside his board” and then spent almost an hour playing around and “hopping on and off”.

Mitchell added, “It was amazing. It was an unbelievable experience to see such a beautiful animal close up.”

Gavin the seal has his own Facebook page and can often be seen along the River Arun and in Littlehampton Harbour, according to locals. He is known for being very friendly with humans. Credit: John Mitchell via Storyful

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