Gay Labour politician targeted again in 'homophobic attack'

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A gay Labour politician has again become the target of “homophobic attacks” after his office was daubed in red graffiti.

Luke Pollard, who is defending the Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport seat in the general election, said this morning that his request to speak to the vandals, who “have hate in their hearts”, had been ignored.

When the shadow fisheries, flooding and water minister’s constituency office in Plymouth was targeted with graffiti last month, he offered to talk to the perpetrators.

In a video on Wednesday, Mr Pollard said: “My office was graffitied again last night with more homophobic slurs.

“I’ve offered to sit down with the individuals that have done this, to have a cup of tea, to listen to their concerns.

Luke Pollard was again targeted in a homophobic attack at his Plymouth constituency office. (Image: Twitter/@LukePollard)
Luke Pollard was again targeted in a homophobic attack at his Plymouth constituency office. (Twitter/@LukePollard)

“That request has been ignored and they’ve clearly sent a message again that they want to continue their homophobic attacks on me.”

But he insisted he would not “be made a victim of by people who have hate in their hearts”, and would not allow his staff to “be threatened and feel unsafe for going to work”.

Mr Pollard later tweeted that the graffiti had been removed by his staff, Plymouth City Council’s hot wash team and a passing Deliveroo cyclist called Steve.

He thanked police for their help and said he was trying to identify who was behind the slurs.

Some of the graffiti is hard to read, he said, but some of it is also “quite clear”.

“There is no place for homophobia, no place for hate, no place for bigotry in our city,” he said, “and it is important that all of us call it out.”

He added: “I will stand up against rising hate wherever it rears its ugly head.”

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