Gazebo blown onto track causes 'hour-long train delays'

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Watford Station/Harrow-on-the-Hill <i>(Image: Google Street View)</i>
Watford Station/Harrow-on-the-Hill (Image: Google Street View)

A gazebo that was blown onto a train track has caused severe delays for Watford commuters.

People travelling between London and Watford Underground were hit with an unusual status update for the Metropolitan Line this morning (March 13).

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TfL said the closure, northbound between Harrow-on-the-Hill and Watford, would remain in place “while we remove a gazebo from the track”.

A commuter described it as “the funniest line status update I’ve seen in ages”, however a passenger replied that “it was amusing at first but I’ve been stuck on the gazebo train for an hour now…”.

They added that the "exasperated" driver explained it had been blown out of someone's garden in the Northwood area.

The line has now reopened but there are still severe delays both ways between the stations as of 10am, according to TfL.

There is normal service on the rest of the line.

It comes after the Met Office warned of strong winds across central and southern parts of England.

Gusts are expected reach up to 65mph around coasts and hills and widely reach 50mph to 55mph, today.