GB News must not be cancelled in wake of Laurence Fox comments – presenter

GB News has learned a “hard lesson” after “offensive” comments were made on-air by Laurence Fox – but the channel must not be cancelled, a presenter has said.

Dan Wootton and Fox have both been suspended after the former laughed in response to the widely criticised remarks by the actor-turned-politician, who asked about Ava Evans: “Who would want to shag that?”

Covering the 9pm slot on GB News on Wednesday evening, Mark Dolan condemned Fox’s “offensive comments” about Ms Evans.

He said: “Whether Laurence should stay on air is not my decision and Dan’s absence tonight is also beyond my control.

“There is an investigation ongoing, but the comments made by Laurence in my view were sexist, misogynistic and, unusually, in the frenzied climate of the so-called culture wars, have been condemned across the political spectrum from left and right.”

But he went on to warn that GB News must not be cancelled in the wake of Fox’s comments.

“Where possible, we seek to play the ball, not the man, or in this case, the woman,” Dolan said.

“We don’t always achieve that.

“Unfortunately, this awful episode plays into the hands of our critics, the people who would love to see the back of GB news, that mustn’t happen.”

The presenter said the channel is “rewriting the rulebook” on current affairs broadcasting and garnering a “fast growing and incredibly loyal audience”.

“Whilst we’re here for the many people in this country, who feel they do not have a voice, the truth is, we’re here for everyone,” he continued.

“People are coming to us in their numbers across all political colours, because they want a different angle, a different approach and they want debate. They want a diversity of opinion and they want it done with wit and wisdom.

“Fiery and good humoured, but respectful and fair too, that is the GB News way.

“We didn’t have that last night. In the end, a hard lesson has been learned.

“We have freedom of speech, but not freedom from the fallout.”