GDPR memes and jokes: The funniest reactions to pesky data protection emails

Martin Coulter
One customer compared the emails to an interrogation by the dark lord himself

Exasperated customers have taken to the internet to poke fun at businesses scrambling to comply with new EU data protection laws.

Firms across the continent have been spamming subscribers to ask their explicit permission to keep emailing them, as per the incoming GDPR legislation.

The new rules, which come into effect on Friday, are intended to overhaul how businesses process and handle individuals' personal data.

Aaron Levie joked on Twitter: "The future of email is just receiving GDPR privacy notices until your inbox fills up and you no longer have the will to use email anymore."

Cirque du SoLame likened firms' interrogations to those conducted by a certain baddie from far, far away...

While comedian David Schneider thought the queries were more Saruman than Sith lord.

Meanwhile @Mnrrnt revitalised a particularly popular Prince William meme:

And Declain Cashin revived a popular meme featuring the leader of the free world, US President Donald Trump.

On a slightly more festive note, Malthe Sigurdsson suggested everyone remember to "put out milk, cookies, and a signed consent form for the EU commissioner".

And @mocent0 made a rather sombre aside, featuring a photo of Australian renegade Julian Assange, still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Under GDPR, businesses must receive explicit consent from their customers to hold onto their data.

Those that do not face fines of up to £17m or four per cent of global turnover by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

GDPR legislation comes into effect on Friday. To find out everything you need to know about the new rules, click here.